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Re: theos-talk Dugpas' Influence? ( Sweep your own Transparency or not?)

May 19, 2011 11:53 PM
by M. Sufilight

Dear MKR and friends

My views are:

MKR and all readers...
MKR you keep asking various persons and organisations to become more transparent. I am more happy about it than the opposite, and I think you know that. And others do the same.

Yet, at the same time, you seem to me, and I think no doubt others, to refuse to become transparent - yourself - and seem to refuse to explain the reasons and the aims of Theos-talk forum - and which Constitution and Rules it is covered by, and whether it is run through a system using "self-elected" Popes more or less etc. etc. (An idea to be considered: Why not open up the Files section on the forum Theos-talk, so at least the moderator are able to throw certain files into that section?)

See my post a few days back on this forum dated May 14th 2011:
Re: theos-talk Is TS in America a Cult????

I did it because I find that even Theos-talk lack transparency!

I whole-heartedly suggest: 
Let us all sweep our own carpets and in fact the entire house before we go and tell people in TS Adyar, that we know better.

What do you readers think? And MKR?

- - - - - - -
H. P. Blavatsky wrote:
"Theosophy teaches mutual-culture before self-culture to begin with. Union is strength. It is by gathering many theosophists of the same way of thinking into one or more groups, and making them closely united by the same magnetic bond of fraternal unity and sympathy that the objects of mutual development and progress in Theosophical thought may be best achieved. "Self-culture" is for isolated Hatha Yogis, independent of any Society and having to avoid association with human beings; and this is a triply distilled SELFISHNESS."
(H. P. Blavatsky in ["ORIGINAL PROGRAMME" MANUSCRIPT], BCW, Vol. VII, p. 145)

- - - - - - -

Transperency is asked for, and I will given people my name by birth and tell you all where i live.
I will however use my alias M. Sufilight, especially here in the western countries, and I have my reasons for doing so.

My name is
Morten Nymann Olesen (alias M. Sufilight or Khidr7)
I live in the city named Aarhus, in the European Union country named Denmark.
I have been reading about theosophical and related matters since i was 13 years of age.
In the young age of 2 I had clairvoyant sight on the etheric-astral level. I am now over 40 years of age.
A few years back I experienced that a person suddenly materialised in my appartment. This happened without myself having the thought and in a sense quite unexpected. The person was looking like H. P. Blavatsky like on the photo given in first pages of her book the Isis Unveiled. The dress she was wearing was similar to that of another and later photo. And I have met someone looking the same on an astral-trip in China also a few years ago. (Such experiences was written about in the Theosophist in the old days in the 1880. Today we do not hear about such things.) That does not imply, that I have not had other psychic or esoteric experiences and meet other beings and persons, or even worlds. But some of my experiences will remain unofficial and private for the sake of compassion. Despite this, I am filled with faulths and errors, and have not closed my cycle on this planet,. This is my Karma, just as others might have theirs. (I now we all can claim a lot, but I state the truth as I know it. Let the claircoyants read my aura.)

I am at present not a member of any theosophical or esoterical organisation, although I participate on various forums on the Internet. - If anyone are willing to promote a Theosophical Orgaanisation based on the original Constitutions given in the 1875-1891 Constitutions of The Theosophical Society (especially those given by Blavatsky in BCW, Vol. VII, p. 145 and in the January 1891 Constitution) - I will be happy and glad to join. To promote - exactly - such a lofty idea I created a forum here on Yahoo named Theos-talk-heart (also nicknamed...The Psychological Theosophical Society). Here it is: 
This is what I call transparency!

--- Is there just one organisation like this today, which follow the original aims intended with the Theosophical Society, as given in the original Constitutions of the Theosophical  Society for 1875-1891?
--- If not, will they please stand up and tell us ALL - clearly and transparently - WHY NOT, and why ALL of their possible deviations has been deemed necessary? Please?
(These are also questions to those readers of it and members on Theos-talk, who are form Denmark)

I did it because I find that even Theos-talk lack transparency!

When one point ones fingers towards others, they also immediately in return point at one self.

- - -
I wonder why any reply always goes silent, when I write something like this aiming at true altruism...?
Private e-mail is also an option: 

from the heart
M. Sufilight

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  From: MKR 
  To: theos-talk 
  Sent: Thursday, May 19, 2011 6:04 PM
  Subject: theos-talk Dugpas' Influence?

  Many theosophists suspect that in this day of Kali Yuga (Dark Age), when
  there is so much pain and suffering going on around the world, not because
  of natural causes, but created by politicians and zealots on his brothers
  and sisters around the world, whether Dugpas are taking advantage of the
  general conditions to influence what they do best - bring strife, put road
  blocks on all activities which help our fellow beings.

  Theosophy and theosophical organizations do not seem to have escaped their
  attention. Let us take a look at the panorama of events.


  All that went on at the time of last International Election of TS simply
  showed how a serious attempt was made to mislead the membership and followed
  up by unsubstantiated allegations against the Indian Section and further
  followed the ultra secret attempt to disenfranchise all members in the
  election. When there is a clamor for democracy every where - one man/woman,
  one vote - disenfranchisement attempt, especially emanating from the USA,
  cannot be easily explained.


  Theosophy is expected to reach everyone - rich and poor. But, in practice
  that is not the case. Firstly, when the misplaced manuscripts of the Secret
  Doctrine commentaries were discovered, it was kept secret for fifteen long
  years. This was done by those who are supposed to be long time theosophists
  and are expected to act better.

  Lo and behold, when it was finally published, it was pricey and cost $100
  and beyond the reach of most theosophists (only few are fat cats). All the
  leaders and well known theosophists kept silent on this aspect, perhaps
  because they all got complimentary copies.

  Organizational issues:

  Who in the right mind would shut down a 75 year old operating lodge in
  Orlando Florida? This is what was attempted. When on appeal, the
  International President attached the lodge to Adyar, the American Section
  leaders were wailing that it was a renegade lodge (has TS in America become
  a cult?). But no facts were provided to the membership about the specific
  violations of the rules or bylaws which led to the decision to cancel the
  charter. This has lead to the speculation that there may be other reasons
  unrelated to theosophy or the operation of a lodge that is behind the
  decision. Members are still waiting to find out specific facts.

  Sale of property:

  The sale of Tekels Park property in England, is being discussed on Internet
  for quite some time. Very little is known about the details. Due to the
  autonomy given to the Sections, English Section can do almost anything with
  the property. Secrecy surrounding the property and the impending massacre of
  the rare animals living there has brought this issue to public attention.
  Many are questioning how you reconcile the theosophical doctrines and the
  killing of animals. Again, it is a PR disaster for TS.

  Internet and Transparency

  Master KH warned Annie Besant in the 1900 letter that unnecessary secrecy
  has dealt a death blow to many organizations. We have not seen any leader
  discuss this issue in relation to the operation of TS. In pre-Internet days,
  organizational leaders never paid any attention to transparency since it is
  easy to operate in opaque environment.

  Transparency is a bulwark against unwise decisions and actions of leaders.
  Internet technology has made transparency easier to address at very little

  Theosophical organizations and its leaders are yet to embrace Internet. None
  of them are seen interacting with other theosophists using Internet,
  possibly because it cannot be controlled by anyone.

  Theosophists cannot be ungrateful to Internet for what it did during the
  election crisis that TS faced in 2008. But for Internet disseminating
  factual information to everyone in the world, we would have a totally
  different organization today. Have we forgotten all that?

  Taking all of the above together, many theosophists are fully convinced that
  Dugpas have decisively influenced many of the decisions above which are not
  for the welfare of Humanity or the help theosophical doctrines can give to
  the future generations.


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