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Organizational Behavior - Theosophical

May 18, 2011 08:22 AM
by MKR

Organizational Behavior

It is very interesting to see the behavior of organizations. TS is no

TS was not launched to amass wealth - money, property and other assets. It
was launched to spread theosophy so that it would transform the lives of
people who are touched by its objects and doctrines. It has done a good job
of spreading theosophy around the world.

A byproduct of the generosity of the members who were benefited by its
objects and doctrines, was bequests and donations. So world-wide, many
sections have good amount of money in the bank and own very valuable real
estate both at the national and lodge levels.

It looks like the priorities are going topsy turvy. One gets the feeling
that a cult-like mentality is setting up in the minds of many of the active
members and leaders. While you will not see overt clear cut statements from
members - high and low - you will see clear symptoms. Where there is smoke
there should be fire behind it.

Here are some examples we have seen.

Orlando lodge charter was cancelled and a legal attempt was made to seize
its property and money, until it was frozen by appeal to the International
President. Todate, members have not been told of specific violations calling
for closing a 75 year old functioning lodge. All we have seen are vague
statements. This is not helping spread theosophy in Orlando, nor
strengthening the credibility of TS.

There are several theosophical organizations functioning world-wide. All of
them are supposed to further the three objects. But they rarely talk to each
other even though all of them profess they are working for the welfare of

Looking at the presence of the organizations in Internet reveals an
interesting story. You do not see the organizations using it as an effective
tool to further the spread the message of theosophy. Leaders and active
members hide from Internet. Also organizations do not even provide
information leads on various forums that can help a student of  theosophy,
because of political, ideological, and other considerations and more
importantly because of traditional habit of only dealing with those entities
that can be controlled.

All of the above, only hurts the mission of Theosophy. Those in decision
making positions need to open up their eyes and do what is right. That would
bring in a lot of good Karma.


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