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About Viveka

May 17, 2011 04:35 PM
by jdmsoares

Dear friends,

The Esoteric Philosophy could also be called the science of liberation
and service.

This sublime wisdom was tested over millennia and preserved for all who
seek to transform their lives.

We learn that this transformation is only possible by the complete
submission of the lower self to higher self. The great sages have left
us a road map to that supreme gold, consisting in high achievements. We
also learn that this is a long process for many lives. We are always
encouraged to TRY.

One of those achievements is known as "Viveka", or Discernment.

In order to reflect about this important issue, we have just published
in our websites a article entitled:

"Viveka, or Spiritual Discrimination -

An Issue of Central Importance in the Art of Living"

The direct links are:

We can read in the article:

"Shankara defines Viveka as discrimination; wisdom or Buddhi made
active. In this seventh chapter, Sri Krishna emphasizes the need to
translate knowledge into a living reality by practising it, i.e., the
knowledge acquired through the higher mind has to be realized. Sri
Krishna points out the difficulty involved in reaching perfection in the
following verse:

"Among thousands of mortals a single one perhaps strives for
perfection, and among those so striving perhaps a single one knows me as
I am." (p. 53)

The same idea is echoed by both Buddha and Shankara. They say that it is
difficult to be reborn as a human being. After being born as a human
being, it is difficult to live the life of a man. To be truly human is
to exhibit in us the natural qualities of a human being, viz.,
"kindness, absence of every ill feeling or selfishness, charity,
good-will to all, justice and generosity - attributes which belong
specifically to the human kingdom and are natural to man when he has
developed the qualities of a human being."  After having taken birth
as a human being the difficulty is to get to hear the true Law. The
final difficulty is to attain to enlightenment."

Best regards, Joaquim

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