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Is TS in America a Cult????

May 13, 2011 10:44 PM
by MKR

When anyone reads the recent statement of TS in America regarding its action
to cancel the charter and seize the assets that appeared in the recent issue
of Messenger, the official magazine of Theosophical Society in America,
there is a high likelyhood that the reader will come to the conclusion that
TS is a Cult.

The effort of the Section to cancel the charter being not accepted by the
International President drew the following response:

âThis decision creates an "island" of a renegade lodge functioning within
our midst, falsely representing the Society and its principles.â

To this day, membership has not been told about the specific violations of
the rules of TS or that of the bylaws of the Section. Members are in the
dark as to what are the real reasons behind the decision. Secrecy in the old
days worked. Today, with Internet, great transparency is needed if members
are to believe in the seriousness of the lapses or violations and fairness
of the serious decision to cancel the charter, which should be the action of
last resort.

The allegation that the lodge is a ârenegade functioning within our midstâ
and that it is âfalsely representing the Society and its principlesâ looks
like what we used to hear from cults when someone crosses the line on its

Already very few in the pubic understand what TS stands for and its Objects.
Reading the above allegation raises the simple question - in what way the
Orlando lodge falsely represented the Society and what is the correct
representation as viewed from Olcott. Also what way the lodge made false
representation of the principles and what are the correct representation of
the principles.

If the TS in America can get away with such vague (unsubstantiated)
allegations against a 75 year old functioning lodge, similar charges can be
brought about any lodge in the country which has assets, at the whim of the
leadership and for wrong reasons.

The issues raised by the decision of the Section should be transparently
explained to the membership without delay as continued silence is going to
hurt theosophy and TS in this country. The saying - Silence is golden - is
not going to work in todayâs Internet environment.


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