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May 09, 2011 12:52 PM
by M. Sufilight

Dear friends

Here is a little something....

What was it I was trying to reveal....Let me see...

Aaah,,, all reminds me of the story about Mulla Nasrudin.

The Mulla was new in the village of the Fools also known as Theos Arlando Odyar. 
One day one of the village leaders, an old fart died of age. Not much was said and 
done, but to burn the cadavar in the local oven. The old fart was only popular on 
the outside and out of politeness, - because most people in fact thought of him to 
be false.

A great number of persons attended the furneral. Also Mulla Nasrudin was
invited. All wore a black cloth around their arm, except Nasrudin since he was
from a different place of culture. Nasrudin had apperantly never heard of the
costum of wearing a black cloth around his arm. Something which clearly was
noticed with dismay by the attendants at the funeral. There was some talk and
whisper because of this. And suddenly a man nearby tore his own cloth in two and
actually demanded, that the Mulla should bear the one half around his arm like
all the others.

No one saw Nasrudin the next few days in the village. But the next time, they saw him,
he was wearing a black cloth around his arm, even with the initials TAO (the town
logo) engraved in the cloth. On its back invisible to others, Nasrudin had engraved
NUTS, which in fact was his own names initials.

People thought, that the Mulla must have lost a member of his family living a
far since no one was reported dead in the village. And they thought, that was why
he was mourning. Days went by, and each and every day, week and month Mulla
Nasrudin was seen wearing the black cloth around his arm. He even walked with
his head bent and looked like he was mourning, as one usually do when one mourns

People did find that to be very odd. A member of ones family cannot die
everyday. Something like that do not happen. And talks started to circulate
about this in Theos Arlando Odyar, and other places.

Shortly herafter a person asked the Mulla why he was wearing this black cloth
around his arm each and every day, week and month.
The Mulla answered: Well we aught to wear such a cloth when people die do we
The questioner: Well....Yes, that is normal procedure.
The Mulla continued: And I have some how realised, that people die every day
around the globe, so I better wear the cloth everyday, don't I?

....Later on he wore a white cloth, because there were many doves in the village
of the fools, and they had strange a tendency to fly by and fertilize on the cloth. And a white 
cloth was in fact more cheap to handle, wash and get. Because everyone knew
him in the village, they, decided to carve a statue of him when he died, of course
with a white cloth on one of the arms. It was later rumoured, that Nasrudins
son shortly thereafter became a Sculptor, and placed a new sculpture in his garden every day.
Also a special beautiful one in front of the village central Liberal Church in agreement 
with the owner there.

- - - - - - - -
A revised version taken from my earliere post given here feb. 2008. 
- - - - - - -

As Master sometimes say: What you call gratitude, we sometimes call silly
non-spiritual behaviour! Well..sometimes.

M. Sufilight

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