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Spiritual knowledge

May 08, 2011 05:18 AM
by Magda Loios

Dear friends,

As we read in chapter XIII of the Bhagavad-Gita,

"True wisdom of a spiritual kind is freedom from self-esteem, hypocrisy,
and injury to others; it is patience, sincerity, respect for spiritual
instructors, purity, firmness, self-restraint, dispassion for objects of
sense, freedom from pride, and a meditation upon birth, death, decay,
sickness, and error; it is an exemption from self-identifying attachment
for children, wife, and household, and a constant unwavering steadiness
of heart upon the arrival of every event whether favorable or
unfavorable; it is a never-ceasing love for me alone, the self being
effaced, and worship paid in a solitary spot, and a want of pleasure in
congregations of men; it is a resolute continuance in the study of
Adhyatma, the Superior spirit, and a meditation upon the end of the
acquirement of a knowledge of truth; -- this is called wisdom or
spiritual knowledge; its opposite is ignorance." [1]

Best regards, Magda



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