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Theosophy Versus Nazism in Germany

May 07, 2011 05:48 AM
by jdmsoares

Dear friends,

As we approach the celebration of the "Victory in Europe Day" on
8th May , which marks the victory of the Allies over the Nazis and the
end of Second World War in Europe,  we have just published at our
<>  an important testimony by
Sieglinde Plocki, a German theosophist of the Point Loma TS, about the
Nazi persecution of the theosophists in Germany during the Second World

The text is entitled:

Theosophy Versus Nazism in Germany

Theosophists Were Persecuted By Nazism

Because Their Aim is Universal Brotherhood

The direct link is
y.html>  .

This is the kind of testimonies that we should make known to every
students of theosophy and the general public.

Even a brief search on the Internet is sufficient to verify that there
are dozens of websites by ignorant authors that continuing to relate HPB
and Theosophy with Nazism.

We have the duty to help to destroy this vile falsehood.

Best regards, Joaquim

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