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May 06, 2011 08:34 PM
by t_s_theosophist

A White Lotus Day Address: 


A Cardinal point of Madame Blavatsky's teaching is the principle of Altruism. She is repetitive almost to the point of redundancy in emphasizing that without nurturing and fostering an altruistic life, the student has missed the whole point of esoteric teaching and will be prone to be mis-lead by egocentric and selfish interests. 

In her instructions to a certain Captain Bowen, a new student, she tells Bowen never to loose sight of the Essential Unity of things, that behind and permeating everything is a grand Unity. Whatever aspect of the Teaching one is studying one must hold to the idea of this Unity in the background of his thought, or he will be led astray. 

It is very easy if we are not grounded in this idea of Unity to be caught up in rhetorical speculation and mental legerdemain of an infinite variety, remaining in a illusory "ivory study hall," with no practical application of the principles. 

Some students of Theosophy are content to read a few or many books, study some lessons, attend an occasional meeting or lecture, maybe even engage in research on some aspect of the Teaching. It is certain, based upon her history in these things that Madame Blavatsky would highly berate these "students." 

We only "retreat within" to study and meditate in order to equip and enable ourselves to "advance boldly without" so that we are able to give intelligent application of the principles to help, aid and assist others in our daily life who 
seek assistance. There must be practical application of the principles in our daily lives 
for the magic of Altruism to be expressed. 

This does not mean that we set ourselves up as self proclaimed "evangelists" with radio and television and internet programs making a public name for ourselves. It does mean that in quiet and unobtrusive ways, unseen by the world, we give assistance where needed, we put smiles on frowning faces. It means that in the words of the old Baptist hymn, "We Brighten The Corner Where We Are." Just think of the impact upon the world if each of us would commit ourselves to strive everyday to brighten the corner where we are. 

I think that we would also put a proud and approving smile on Madame Blavstsky's face as she saw that practical application of her Teachings are being carried out, practical Altruism. 

There has been much speculation about what may lie in store for humanity as the year 2012 approaches, and beyond. Many fearmongers have been predicting dire events and consequences. But a more salugenic and happier note is found in the Ancient Wisdom Teachings. We will see a shift in emphasis from an egocentric and selfish humanity to a kinder, more humane and altruistic spirit which will dawn and become prominent among us. 

Theosophists have a unique challenge and role to play in this "New Humanity." We can and should be on the forefront of promoting and implementing this Altruistic Spirit. 

Our big question right now should be..."How can we help to re-establish Altruism as a viable social norm?" 

What are we doing right now to assist this emergence? 

---William Delahunt 

Resources For Altruistic Action: 
William Delahunt has been a member of the Society since 1969. He has served as a past President of Orlando Lodge, and is currently its Secretary, and Director of The School of Theosophy, Orlando. A graduate of Maryville College of The Sacred Heart, Saint Louis, Missouri, he is also active in the Central Florida Interfaith Community, a noted advocate for Prison Reform and advocacy for the Homeless. 



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