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Orlando Lodge - Recovering legal expenses

May 06, 2011 12:02 PM
by MKR

The statement printed in the recent Messenger, says:

âThus, this action by the International President has damaged the American
Section's possibility of recouping legal expenses already incurred, as well
as losing the possibility for the use of lodge assets for viable
Theosophical work in the lodge's area.â

The national board member wailing about recovering the legal costs incurred,
is very sad from one angle and ridiculous from another angle.

Recovering the legal costs is very easy unless it is a six figure number.
There are three requirements before it can be recovered. Firstly, the facts
and documentation backing up the need to withdraw the charter need to be
laid on the table. Secondly, they should be convincing enough for an
ordinary member to conclude that the decision is reasonable. Thirdly, legal
expense figure needs to be made public.

Once the above is done, we can ask members to make targeted donation to fund
the expense. A simple msg can be posted here for Free requesting donations.

Second part of the comment is like shooting in oneâs foot and self
defeating. The lodge is active and functioning in spreading theosophy as it
has done all these years. What the âviableâ theosophical work is? This needs

In any democratic public organization, transparency protects it. Members
will and should question actions and decisions which, on the face, does not
appear either wise and or looks reasonable.

It is time for the American Section to respond without delay.


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