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Re: theos-talk Orlando Theosophical Lodge - An Open invitation to the American Section

May 06, 2011 10:26 AM
by Martin

Hunters are always after Red Hats or Red Riding Hoods, especially 
those in Power called the Wolves. Their way of dealing with them goes as follows:
There is Darkness and there is Light, Darkness knows about Light but 
has found a way to defend Itself against It, this is why the world looks Grey in all its Complexions.
Now a true Hunter understands Love, Love is Energy not understood by 
Light, nor Darkness. It is free from Condition and as Such contagious. 
It infects Light and Darkness with almost the speed of GOD and It 
doesn't get lesser, since you get what you give...Hunting Light and 
Darkness therefore is converting Lucifer and Satan. They cannot defend 
themselves against Love, since KOD is always in the background...
(K.O.D. is Knight Of Death)

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Subject: Re: theos-talk Orlando Theosophical Lodge - An Open invitation to the American Section

'An ray of light will dispel all darkness.'

The American Section should show to the world that its decision to cancel
the charter and attempted seizure of assets of the 75 year old functioning
Orlando Lodge is based on hard evidence of violations of the rules of TS and
bylaws of the Section.

This would vindicate the American Section and the officers who took the
decision. Both the Section and its officers would come out smelling like
roses. Waiting and keeping silent, smells like what? You decide.

Time is of the essence. Ask any PR person, they will tell you.

There are many ways to get facts out. The Section can put out one page News
Release. Or any elected official is welcome to post the facts on this
maillist. It is Free; costs nothing and it is fast and effective.

The ball is in the court of the Section. Issue will not go away in todayâs
Internet environment.

Is the Section ready to take the offer before the issue continues to damage
the credibility of the Section and its elected leaders?


There is no religion higher than Truth

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