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Orlando Lodge - Mystery Deepens

May 03, 2011 04:46 PM
by MKR

Orlando Lodge - Mystery Deepens

Neither me nor any long-time dues paying member of TS in the USA have heard
any specific details of allegations against the Orlando lodge. What we have
seen are crumbs of vague complaints against the lodge and attempt to use the
Florida Federation to support closure of the lodge. When the lodge appealed
the decision to the International President and the decision of the Section
was not rubber stamped, there was complaint about the process and how the
lodge is a ârenegadeâ one functioning in the USA.

Now comes Katinka who is from Europe, claims to know details of the Orlando
Lodge problem. It is a mystery how she was able to acquire the info and why
those privy to the details chose to share them with her.

Let us keep tuned..........


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