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Thank you Mr. Delahunt

May 01, 2011 06:32 AM
by Duane Carpenter

Thank you Mr. Delahunt for a greater over view of the problem and some rationale 
for this attempted seizure of the Orlando Lodge assets and removal of the 
charter. Orlando cannot receive full support from its fellow Theosophist unless 
the facts are better known and more widely shared.
A key statement in your last email posted here at theos-talk about the Orlando 
Lodge jogged something in my memory: 

"Thus, this action by the International President has damaged the
American Section's possibility of recouping legal expenses already incurred, 
as well as losing the possibility for the use of lodge assets for viable
Theosophical work in the lodge's area" (Italics mine). 
What was done in the Boston situation was they pulled the charter from the 
original lodge and chartered another group who was made up of those members who 
were clearly affiliated with National at Wheaten. (viable Theosophical work in 
the lodge's area) being the key phrase.
This is how National got Âits justification to pull the charter from the free 
thinking theosophist of the original Boston Lodge and no doubt equally applies 
to the Orlando Lodge. Seizing Âtheir assists National Âthen set up another 
chapter made up of those who will clearly follow the party line.
After the Boston lodge saved its assets from the first law suit by National a 
second one starting forming. It was at this junction I resigned as president and 
took a teaching position out in CA. Eventually I was told that the Boston Lodges 
assets were equally divided between the original group (which had now lost its 
charter) and a new theosophical group which was compatible Âand in harmony with 
Just prior to resigning as president I contacted Fernando --- whose last name 
evades me and who was clearly a member of that alternative theosophical group 
opposed to the original Lodge and asked Âhim Âthat if I resigned I would make 
every effort to make him interim President as the lodge went through this 
transition period of electing a new president. Without even hesitating he flatly 
rejected the idea. 

What this told me was this alternative theosophical group forming was not 
interested in simply reforming the so called radical renegade Boston lodge but 
clearly had its mind set on doing its own thing completely independent. The only 
way it could do this was by securing the original lodges assets which it 
partially Âdid when the Boston Lodge had its assets equally divided. ÂAn 
original lodge that had been one of the earliest formed in the US and was active 
for some 75 years.
I have written a number of letters to this forum outlining Âwhat I see is the 
many and varied problems of the Theosophical society and will not repeat them 
But I will say this. All organizations either slowly disintegrate when the 
original founder or founders depart or they have new and inspired Âleadership 
that will carry the torch forward. The Theosophical teachings have flowered 
around the world inspiring millions of people while the many theosophical 
organization have Âoften become crippled with bureaucratic and political 
infighting. Many theosophists at the National level here in the US think with 
all good intentions they are just furthering the aims of Theosophy all the while 
underlying is basic founding principles.
There is a key term in the Alice Bailey material that applies here and can help 
us understand the behavior of certain theosophists and theosophical groups. It 
is called the 6th ray of devotion. It summarizes the fanatical adherence of Âa 
certain type of student that is very narrow and dogmatic and leaves little room 
for any original though. You just blindly follow the existing hierarchy of power 
or party line. Their philosophy is simple. "You are either with us or against 
As much as many theosophists may not understand this 6th ray fanaticism it is 
like so many orthodox religious and spiritual groups similar to the Catholic 
Church in their blind obedience. This 6th ray appears to the devotional type of 
theosophists and rarely approaches the scholarly and deeper esoteric teachings 
of HPB. I am not inferring that all theosophists have to understand all of HPB's 
deeper work Âto find value and insights into the many facets of the ocean of 
theosophical thought. But basing ones theosophical affiliations primarily Âon 
the works of Charles Leadbeater or Annie Besant narrows Theosophy down in my 
opinion to a rather superficial Âunderstanding of its great depth and 
Blessings Duane

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Sent: Fri, April 29, 2011 11:24:53 PM
Subject: theos-talk FIAT LUX "LET THERE BE LIGHT"



The recent article in the April 11, 2011 issue of The Messenger by Jerome Michel 
concerning Orlando Lodge is another attempt to obfuscate and confuse issues. 

There has never been any "long history of difficulties with the operations of 
Orlando Lodge " as Jerome Michel states in The Messenger article. 

IF Mr Michel and others in TSA administration had evidence of any alleged 
difficulties, WHY 

has no National Director or Agent ever come personally to Orlando Lodge to 
discuss issues with the membership or Officers, and attempt to resolve them??? 

And WHY have they ignored our repeated requests for substantiating information 
about their supposed "investigation?" 

WHY did the Directors conduct an "Investigation" in absentia without ever 
meeting or talking directly to the Officers or membership of Orlando Lodge??? 

WHY such stealth and innuendo??? 

Remember, there was Never nor is there now ANY internal dissension among our 
membership, which would have given cause for external intervention. 

The TSA Directors have NEVER cited ANY particular Theosophical rule or 
regulation which we are supposed to be in violation of. 

Neither Jerome Michel, nor ANY current TSA Director has ever been to Orlando 
Lodge, and they do NOT know any of our members. 

A review of the history of our Lodge programs and our Lodge Newsletter will 
reveal that we have consistently maintained quality programs which are 
Classically Theosophical in the best sense. Those who have attended our programs 
can attest to this fact. And ANYONE has always been welcome to attend. 

There have been many many opportunities over the years for any Director or 
National Officer to personally visit Orlando Lodge and discuss concerns, yet 
NONE have ever done so. 

Another opportunity arose when I 
and another delegate from Orlando Lodge personally attended the 2008 National 
Convention at Wheaton. Yet no discussion of any anomalies occurred. There were 
smiles and handshakes, which now, in retrospect I realize were hollow and 
meaningless as they had already had their plot mapped out. Betty Bland, Tim 
Boyd, Jerome Michel, Ed Abdil, Jeffrey Forth, and the other Directors were all 
there, yet no one mentioned any anomalies about Orlando Lodge. 

This same delegate and I also attended the Spring 2009 Florida Federation 
Meeting at Deerfield Beach, again Jerome Michel and the Officers of The Florida 
Federation were all there, and NO mention of any anomalies of 

Orlando Lodge occurred. 

What did happen: 

In June of 2008 just before the election for the International President Mrs. 
Bland circulated a letter to the members of the TSA urging them to vote for her 
mentor John Algeo. In the letter Mrs. Bland makes some very inaccurate 
statements stating that Radha Burnier is no longer fit either mentally or 
physically to hold the office of President. This in itself is a breach of 
Theosophical etiquette, as we have never politicized our elections or denigrated 
other candidates. What Mrs. Bland did Not share in her letter was the fact that 
3, Three, highly respected physicians gave written statements that Mrs Burnier 
WAS indeed fit to carry out the duties. 

At that same time Mrs.Bland and the General Secretaries of the New Zealand, 
South African 

and French sections of the T.S. were covertly planning ( This was ultra secret) 
to introduce a measure in the General Council revoking the rights of the world 
wide membership to vote for the International President, and arrogating that 

privilege to themselves only, thus making the International President a puppet 
of the General Council. 

If John Algeo had been elected, their plan was to eventually close Adyar and 
move the International Headquarters to Wheaton, Illinois. 

A group of independent minded Theosophists of which we were a part discovered 
their covert plan ( we had an inside informer) and broadcast it over the 
internet, exposing their intentions to the membership worldwide. They were 
foiled in their political ambitions by the good sense and integrity of the 
general membership. 

Since that time, because we were very vocal in supporting Radha Burnier, we have 
been the target of a political vendetta. We represent in Mrs. Bland and her 
allies' opinion a continued threat for their political ambition. 

Make no mistake, there is a small select group of politicans at Wheaton and 
around the world 

that seek to control the dissemination of Theosophy. They attempt to crush 
diversity of 

communication through subtle intimidation tactics. Part of the "control issue" 
is tied to 

"who gets to run " the Kern Foundation money. 

When we have a good number of autonomous Lodges each teaching Theosophy in their 
own unique and diverse ways, it makes it more difficult for a centralized 
bureaucrat to promote a single "authorized version." 

They, the Bland/Algeo group would prefer to be the only genuine voice for the 
communication of Theosophy. They have subtly implemented a long range plan to 
achieve this hegemony. 

A look over the spectrum of past few years will reveal how many established 
Lodges they have closed or attempted to close for the flimsiest of reasons. They 
have set up an adversarial mindset between National Headquarters and the 
autonomous Lodges. 

Mrs. Bland has many political allies in Florida, and she attempted to enlist 
them in her attempt to close us. 

We have repeatedly asked for an explanation of their allegations and an 
opportunity to defend ourselves from their libel, but have been consistently 

The International Rules of the Theosophical Society give Lodges the right to 
petition the International President to quash the action of any Section and 
demit the Lodge directly to Adyar. We invoked this clause and the International 
President granted our request. 

Their (the TSA Board ) actions against us began to unfold just after the last 
International Presidental elections. We strongly supported Radha Burnier, and 
were part of a group that 

exposed the mis-information being propagated by Mrs. Bland and others in favor 
of John Algeo, and the ultra secret plot to deprive the worldwide membership of 
the right to vote. 

Neither Mrs. Bland nor Mr. Michel mention in any of their replies that Orlando 
Lodge filed for 

and received a temporary injunction from the Orange County Circuit Court to 
prevent them (the TSA Directors) from seizing our assets and property. We were 
to have a court hearing on this matter to obtain a permanent injunction on 
January 11, 2011, however in the meantime the TSA attorneys petitioned our 
attorney for an abatement of the case because Mrs.Burniers 

action in our behalf attaching us directly to Adyar, took the case out of their 
jurisdiction . 

You may check the truth of this by Google, Look up: Circuit Court of the Ninth 
Judicial Circuit in and for Orange County Florida. Case Number: 2010-CA-4077 

Number 32
Judge Thomas B. Smith 

And just what do Mrs. Bland and Jerome Michel mean referring to us as a 
"renegade internet flamer?" Â They, with the assets of the TSA behind them and 
the Quest magazine and The Messenger newsletter as a forum make defamatory 
statements about us and we as a small Lodge with very little assets are not 
supposed to defend ourselves from their libel? 

No, that is not fair play. 

One thing that their statements do indicate is the virulent nature of their 
animosity against us. We represent in their eyes a continued political threat 
for ambitions of their political friends and agenda. 

Mr. Michel states that : "The situation was complicated by the defunct Orlando 
Lodge successfully petitioning the International President of the Theosophical 
Society to recognize the Orlando Lodge as a Theosophical Lodge directly attached 
to the International organization." 

The "SITUATION WAS COMPLICATED???" Mr. Michel really means that their political 
agenda was upset and an impartial and fair minded International President was 
willing to give Orlando Lodge the DUE PROCESS that it deserved. 

Mr. Michel further states: " This decision creates an "island" of a renegade 
lodge functioning within our midst, falsely representing the Society and its 

The situation is particularly troubling as it has major implications for all 
Sections now facing 

the possibility of the International President countermanding their disciplinary 

Anyone who has ever been to Orlando Lodge and has seen our Newsletter could 
hardly concur with Jerome Michels statement. We have ALWAYS been Classically 
Theosophical and congruent with the principles of The Society. 

What Jerome Michel is really saying is that there is no room in the Society for 
diversity of opinion and thought, and integrity of conscience will not be 
tolerated if it differs from the "Official Party line" of thought. 

Colonel Olcott intentionally structured the Society so that AUTONOMY of the 
Branches would protect them from the political ambitions of the so called 
"Leaders" and politicians in our midst. 

For Mr. Michels information, the International President has always had broad 
discretionary powers to intervene in the affairs of the Society, although rarely 
and wisely used. 

Fiat Lux: "Let There Be Light" 

There comes a time in card games when the players are required to show their 
hands or drop out of the game. Enough is Enough... 

it is that time for the TSA Directors to come clean with the TSA Membership and 
to disclose and be transparent about this issue. 

Only cowards throw stones from behind a fence and then attempt to run away. Why 
are the TSA Directors acting in such a cowardly manner??? 

Orlando Lodge has NOTHING to hide or be ashamed of, and we will defend this 
position in any court of law, and in the court of Public Opinion. 

We also notice that the VERY Same Directors have had their allies re-nominate 
them for re-election. ( Where was the call for open nominations?) 

Before any vote is cast, we invite and encourage the TSA Membership to Demand 
that these persons explain themselves and their actions in Full disclosure. 
Barring their cooperation they should have the integrity to recuse themselves 
from the elections. 

There is only ONE way for TRUST and INTEGRITY to be restored to the TSA. 

It is reprehensible and very unfortunate that His Holiness the Dalai Lama is 
unwittingly participating in the TSA Program and unknowingly giving credibility 
to this cowardice and deceit. 

Fiat Lux: Let There Be Light; 

William Delahunt, ( Lucifer)
Theosophical Society In Orlando 


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