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Apr 30, 2011 03:53 AM
by MKR

Recently I looked at the Kern Foundation information tax return. The info is
perhaps 18 - 24 months old. The foundation has about $25m in assets. The
interest earned is distributed to TSA and related entities. The contribution
to TSA is about $1M+ annually. Hence a lot of money that comes to help TSA
for operational expenses.


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> William Delahunt,
> Thanks for your informative post and reply to the accusers, I found it a
> good read. Forgive my ignorance but can you offer us more about the "Kern
> Foundation" you mention, how is it of importance, what general amount of
> money is the prize? What was the topic of the "renegade Internet flamer" you
> mentioned and when was that? What was the particular content made that so
> outraged them? I would like to know if it is at all possible for you to make
> a reply on these questions. I think we all woneder what is the primary
> motivations.
> Regards,
> John
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> Subject: theos-talk FIAT LUX "LET THERE BE LIGHT"
> The recent article in the April 11, 2011 issue of The Messenger by Jerome
> Michel concerning Orlando Lodge is another attempt to obfuscate and confuse
> issues.
> There has never been any "long history of difficulties with the operations
> of Orlando Lodge " as Jerome Michel states in The Messenger article.
> IF Mr Michel and others in TSA administration had evidence of any alleged
> difficulties, WHY
> has no National Director or Agent ever come personally to Orlando Lodge to
> discuss issues with the membership or Officers, and attempt to resolve
> them???
> And WHY have they ignored our repeated requests for substantiating
> information about their supposed "investigation?"
> WHY did the Directors conduct an "Investigation" in absentia without ever
> meeting or talking directly to the Officers or membership of Orlando
> Lodge???
> WHY such stealth and innuendo???
> Remember, there was Never nor is there now ANY internal dissension among
> our membership, which would have given cause for external intervention.
> The TSA Directors have NEVER cited ANY particular Theosophical rule or
> regulation which we are supposed to be in violation of.
> Neither Jerome Michel, nor ANY current TSA Director has ever been to
> Orlando Lodge, and they do NOT know any of our members.
> A review of the history of our Lodge programs and our Lodge Newsletter will
> reveal that we have consistently maintained quality programs which are
> Classically Theosophical in the best sense. Those who have attended our
> programs can attest to this fact. And ANYONE has always been welcome to
> attend.
> There have been many many opportunities over the years for any Director or
> National Officer to personally visit Orlando Lodge and discuss concerns, yet
> NONE have ever done so.
> Another opportunity arose when I
> and another delegate from Orlando Lodge personally attended the 2008
> National Convention at Wheaton. Yet no discussion of any anomalies occurred.
> There were smiles and handshakes, which now, in retrospect I realize were
> hollow and meaningless as they had already had their plot mapped out. Betty
> Bland, Tim Boyd, Jerome Michel, Ed Abdil, Jeffrey Forth, and the other
> Directors were all there, yet no one mentioned any anomalies about Orlando
> Lodge.
> This same delegate and I also attended the Spring 2009 Florida Federation
> Meeting at Deerfield Beach, again Jerome Michel and the Officers of The
> Florida Federation were all there, and NO mention of any anomalies of
> Orlando Lodge occurred.
> What did happen:
> In June of 2008 just before the election for the International President
> Mrs. Bland circulated a letter to the members of the TSA urging them to vote
> for her mentor John Algeo. In the letter Mrs. Bland makes some very
> inaccurate statements stating that Radha Burnier is no longer fit either
> mentally or physically to hold the office of President. This in itself is a
> breach of Theosophical etiquette, as we have never politicized our elections
> or denigrated other candidates. What Mrs. Bland did Not share in her letter
> was the fact that 3, Three, highly respected physicians gave written
> statements that Mrs Burnier WAS indeed fit to carry out the duties.
> At that same time Mrs.Bland and the General Secretaries of the New Zealand,
> South African
> and French sections of the T.S. were covertly planning ( This was ultra
> secret) to introduce a measure in the General Council revoking the rights of
> the world wide membership to vote for the International President, and
> arrogating that
> privilege to themselves only, thus making the International President a
> puppet of the General Council.
> If John Algeo had been elected, their plan was to eventually close Adyar
> and move the International Headquarters to Wheaton, Illinois.
> A group of independent minded Theosophists of which we were a part
> discovered their covert plan ( we had an inside informer) and broadcast it
> over the internet, exposing their intentions to the membership worldwide.
> They were foiled in their political ambitions by the good sense and
> integrity of the general membership.
> Since that time, because we were very vocal in supporting Radha Burnier, we
> have been the target of a political vendetta. We represent in Mrs. Bland and
> her allies' opinion a continued threat for their political ambition.
> Make no mistake, there is a small select group of politicans at Wheaton and
> around the world
> that seek to control the dissemination of Theosophy. They attempt to crush
> diversity of
> communication through subtle intimidation tactics. Part of the "control
> issue" is tied to
> "who gets to run " the Kern Foundation money.
> When we have a good number of autonomous Lodges each teaching Theosophy in
> their own unique and diverse ways, it makes it more difficult for a
> centralized bureaucrat to promote a single "authorized version."
> They, the Bland/Algeo group would prefer to be the only genuine voice for
> the communication of Theosophy. They have subtly implemented a long range
> plan to achieve this hegemony.
> A look over the spectrum of past few years will reveal how many established
> Lodges they have closed or attempted to close for the flimsiest of reasons.
> They have set up an adversarial mindset between National Headquarters and
> the autonomous Lodges.
> Mrs. Bland has many political allies in Florida, and she attempted to
> enlist them in her attempt to close us.
> We have repeatedly asked for an explanation of their allegations and an
> opportunity to defend ourselves from their libel, but have been consistently
> ignored.
> The International Rules of the Theosophical Society give Lodges the right
> to petition the International President to quash the action of any Section
> and demit the Lodge directly to Adyar. We invoked this clause and the
> International President granted our request.
> Their (the TSA Board ) actions against us began to unfold just after the
> last International Presidental elections. We strongly supported Radha
> Burnier, and were part of a group that
> exposed the mis-information being propagated by Mrs. Bland and others in
> favor of John Algeo, and the ultra secret plot to deprive the worldwide
> membership of the right to vote.
> Neither Mrs. Bland nor Mr. Michel mention in any of their replies that
> Orlando Lodge filed for
> and received a temporary injunction from the Orange County Circuit Court to
> prevent them (the TSA Directors) from seizing our assets and property. We
> were to have a court hearing on this matter to obtain a permanent injunction
> on January 11, 2011, however in the meantime the TSA attorneys petitioned
> our attorney for an abatement of the case because Mrs.Burniers
> action in our behalf attaching us directly to Adyar, took the case out of
> their jurisdiction .
> You may check the truth of this by Google, Look up: Circuit Court of the
> Ninth Judicial Circuit in and for Orange County Florida. Case Number:
> 2010-CA-4077
> Number 32
> Judge Thomas B. Smith
> And just what do Mrs. Bland and Jerome Michel mean referring to us as a
> "renegade internet flamer?" They, with the assets of the TSA behind them and
> the Quest magazine and The Messenger newsletter as a forum make defamatory
> statements about us and we as a small Lodge with very little assets are not
> supposed to defend ourselves from their libel?
> No, that is not fair play.
> One thing that their statements do indicate is the virulent nature of their
> animosity against us. We represent in their eyes a continued political
> threat for ambitions of their political friends and agenda.
> Mr. Michel states that : "The situation was complicated by the defunct
> Orlando Lodge successfully petitioning the International President of the
> Theosophical Society to recognize the Orlando Lodge as a Theosophical Lodge
> directly attached to the International organization."
> The "SITUATION WAS COMPLICATED???" Mr. Michel really means that their
> political agenda was upset and an impartial and fair minded International
> President was willing to give Orlando Lodge the DUE PROCESS that it
> deserved.
> Mr. Michel further states: " This decision creates an "island" of a
> renegade lodge functioning within our midst, falsely representing the
> Society and its principles.
> The situation is particularly troubling as it has major implications for
> all Sections now facing
> the possibility of the International President countermanding their
> disciplinary decisions."
> Anyone who has ever been to Orlando Lodge and has seen our Newsletter could
> hardly concur with Jerome Michels statement. We have ALWAYS been Classically
> Theosophical and congruent with the principles of The Society.
> What Jerome Michel is really saying is that there is no room in the Society
> for diversity of opinion and thought, and integrity of conscience will not
> be tolerated if it differs from the "Official Party line" of thought.
> Colonel Olcott intentionally structured the Society so that AUTONOMY of the
> Branches would protect them from the political ambitions of the so called
> "Leaders" and politicians in our midst.
> For Mr. Michels information, the International President has always had
> broad discretionary powers to intervene in the affairs of the Society,
> although rarely and wisely used.
> Fiat Lux: "Let There Be Light"
> There comes a time in card games when the players are required to show
> their hands or drop out of the game. Enough is Enough...
> it is that time for the TSA Directors to come clean with the TSA Membership
> and to disclose and be transparent about this issue.
> Only cowards throw stones from behind a fence and then attempt to run away.
> Why are the TSA Directors acting in such a cowardly manner???
> Orlando Lodge has NOTHING to hide or be ashamed of, and we will defend this
> position in any court of law, and in the court of Public Opinion.
> We also notice that the VERY Same Directors have had their allies
> re-nominate them for re-election. ( Where was the call for open
> nominations?)
> Before any vote is cast, we invite and encourage the TSA Membership to
> Demand that these persons explain themselves and their actions in Full
> disclosure. Barring their cooperation they should have the integrity to
> recuse themselves from the elections.
> There is only ONE way for TRUST and INTEGRITY to be restored to the TSA.
> It is reprehensible and very unfortunate that His Holiness the Dalai Lama
> is unwittingly participating in the TSA Program and unknowingly giving
> credibility to this cowardice and deceit.
> Fiat Lux: Let There Be Light;
> William Delahunt, ( Lucifer)
> Secretary;
> Theosophical Society In Orlando
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