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Orlando Lodge - Statement from Theosophical Society in America

Apr 28, 2011 08:40 AM
by MKR

Quoted below is a statement by Mo Michel, Eastern Director of TSA which
appeared in the recent issue of Messenger, the official magazine of
Theosophical Society in America.. I am posting it so that readers can see
for themselves what the official comment on the attempted closure of 75yr
old Orlando Lodge. I will be posting a separate msg touching on some of the
points in the letter.


âThere has been a long history of difficulty with the operation of the
Orlando Lodge. A review of the many incidents documented by past members of
the lodge and of the petition for corrective action by the Florida
Federation Board of Directors, led the National Board of Directors' to first
de-list the Orlando Lodge, and then to withdraw the charter of the lodge. In
addition, the National Board voted to pursue legal action to recover the
assets of the lodge in accordance with the dissolution-of-assets clause of
the Orlando Lodge's bylaws. This action was based upon the fiduciary
responsibility of the TSA Board to protect the assets of Theosophical groups
for the work of the TSA in the group's area. It is in accordance with the
by-laws of the national organization.

The situation was complicated by the defunct Orlando Lodge successfully
petitioning the International President of the Theosophical Society to
recognize the Orlando Lodge as a Theosophical Lodge attached directly to the
international organization. The decision came as a complete surprise, as the
situation had been previously reviewed with the International President, and
our case was well-documented.

A number of petitions to have this decision reversed were submitted to the
International President, to no avail. This decision creates an "island" of a
renegade lodge functioning within our midst, falsely representing the
Society and its principles. The situation is particularly troubling as it
has major implications for all Sections now facing the possibility of the
International President countermanding their disciplinary decisions.

The TSA has been advised by counsel, that without a reversal decision by the
international organization, we do not have a viable case for recovery of
assets. Thus, this action by the International President has damaged the
American Section's possibility of recouping legal expenses already incurred,
as well as losing the possibility for the use of lodge assets for viable
Theosophical work in the lodge's area.

In a March 2 conference call, the TSA Board voted to dismiss the current law
suit "Without Prejudice/' This action leaves us with the opportunity to
re-file the case in the event the International President reverses her
decision to attach the Orlando Lodge to the international organization. The
National Board will make a final determination on future actions if and when
the Orlando Lodge is severed from, the international organization.â

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