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Re: theos-talk Volume III (1897) of THE SECRET DOCTRINE

Apr 25, 2011 08:47 AM
by Augoeides-222

John W, 
Interesting,m thanks for your comments and links about Dione Fortune. I have a couple of Books by Marion Bradley, haven't thought of her in quite a while until I read of her in regargs to Dione Fortune on your link. BTW, one interesting author in this genre you mention (spirit medium authorship) is a women named Patience Worth she channeled all her books and won many literature Awards for the Novels written by authors from the other side : 

Patience Worth Poems and Homepages 


You can Google for Patience Worth Books , there are a lot of them. 

"The Oaspe" was also channeled. and most likely the Urantia Book also. 


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Subject: Re: theos-talk Volume III (1897) of THE SECRET DOCTRINE 

Who is alleged to have written that alleged Volume III, in 1897, of the Secret Doctrine, after HPB's premature death in 1891, if it was not simply assembled from an unpublished manuscript of hers? If not the latter case, could it have been "channeled" by her after her death through a medium, particularly an automatic-writing medium? 

I know of one case in which an author is said to have completed an unfinished work after death: the occultist Dion Fortune, aka Violet M Firth, a member of the original Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn in England, as well as of the London Lodge of the Theosophical Society. A few years after her death in 1946, she is supposed to have completed her unfinished last book, the occult novel (based on fact) "Moon Magic", by handwriting through an automatic-writing medium, being first published in 1956. Of course, the organization that she founded, the Society Of The Inner Light, which still exists in London, was heir to her collection of unpublished articles and manuscripts, some of which can now be downloaded as PDFs, and others of which have seen the light of day only in recent years; see for a list of titles. Her about a dozen occult books (see ) , much of which are compatible with 
Theosophical teachings, can now be freely downloaded as PDFs (look for the titles on Google), due to the copyright on them having expired in most countries including the UK. 

John W. 

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Subject: theos-talk Volume III (1897) of THE SECRET DOCTRINE 
Date: Monday, 25, April, 2011, 2:41 PM 

I see on the web an article that has been written about the 1897 

Volume III of the SD. 

Unfortunately a good number of misstatements are to found 

in the course of this article. 

Readers who might want to know more about Volume III and its 

genesis should consult the following article: 

"The Myth of the "Missing" Third Volume of The Secret Doctrine." 


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