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Re: theos-talk Volume III (1897) of THE SECRET DOCTRINE

Apr 24, 2011 10:23 PM
by Augoeides-222

Thanks as always for your great wonderful work and efforts. You know I was readingf your link for the issue of the "Missing Vol. 3" and went to my shelve to see what I had sitting there. I had two different prints of the "Volume III" and the curious thing is the table of contents don't match at all Lmao! The older of the tow is by TPH 1921 Edition and has a contents table that has the mentioned history of Occultists in the first part and then beginning on page 434 a part titled "Some Papers Bearing on The Bearing of Occult Philosophy On Life". The beginning part of the same volume had 51 parts in the first section. 

The second "Volume Three" I have is also by TPH, 1938 Edition Titled "Volume III, Anthropogenesis -Part I".It begins with : 

"Preliminary Notes on The Archiac Stanzas and the Four Prehistoric Continents" 
The Table of contents are entirely different than the 1921 Volume III edition. 

Plus I have several additional volumes edition of 1971 that when collated with the 1921 and 1938 editions then serially compose a set of six volumes label 1,2,3,4,5,6 of the Secret Doctrine lol! 
Plus I also have 1 Index Vol. for the S.D. by TPH London for Volumes 1,2, & 3 of S.D. of the 1895 Edition reprinted last version 1921 . 

And also a S.D. set with only vol. II left , Vol. I disappeared somehow, it is the 1893 Ed., 1921 reprint Vol. II Anthropogenesis TPH, London 

You citation from "Reminiscences" appears on page 91 of my 1893 Edition, 6 page difference,hmm. 


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Subject: theos-talk Volume III (1897) of THE SECRET DOCTRINE 

I see on the web an article that has been written about the 1897 
Volume III of the SD. 

Unfortunately a good number of misstatements are to found 
in the course of this article. 

Readers who might want to know more about Volume III and its 
genesis should consult the following article: 

"The Myth of the "Missing" Third Volume of The Secret Doctrine." 


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