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Orlando's Theosophical catch 22

Apr 24, 2011 05:19 PM
by Duane Carpenter

Dear fellow Theosophist
What we have here with the Orlando Lodge is a catch 22 or classic impasse.
If Theosophical Lodges let anything be taught at the various branches all this 
new age stuff will slowly ease out all the classical theosophical teachings.
ÂWhile president of the Boston lodge I saw this first hand and was appalled how 
many groups used the TS as an umbrella organization and then after ingratiating 
themselves orÂbecoming card bearing members would just try and take overÂeasing 
out of the programs with their voting powerÂclassical Theosophy claiming it was 
old hat and their brand of Theosophy was more progressive.
Only if you have studied classical theosophy can you make a clear distinction or 
value judgment between medium-ship, channeling and real telepathic repoire HPB 
had with the Masters.
The first thing I did when I was elected president is ease out all those groups 
who did not have a clue about what core Theosophy was. It wasn't simply whether 
you read the tarot cards, I Ching or many of the other divinatory sciences but 
what was the quality each teacher brought individually to their teachingÂwork 
was evaluated.
After cleaning house at the Boston Lodge I set up more programs centered on HPB 
and AAB works and we had a thriving lodge until national dropped the law suit on 
us and pulled the charter. I can assure my reader I had critics and was not 
popular with those who wanted to use the TS facilities for their own narrow 
ÂI sympathies with the Orlando Lodge since by remaining true to real Theosophy 
and keeping all the phenomenal stuff out of their Lodge they are faulted as not 
compiling with the general objectives of the society.
ÂHad the Lodge allowed this psychic stuff to infiltrate the Lodge they would 
have no doubt had their chartered pulled for the opposite reason. Not adhering 
to true theosophical teachings.
ÂThis may clearly be a case of politics or revenge as pointed out since the 
Orlando Lodge was vocal about supporting Radhar Burnier reelection.
This appears to be a clear case of politics where you are either with us or 
against us.
ÂThe moral of the story appears to me that if National is not supported in the 
way it wants or needs they could easily set their sights on your assets. 

Talk about loss of freedom and unfair intimidation.
ÂI vaguely recall the Boston Lodge was supporting Bing Escodero in their next 
upcoming elections at the time of their charter being pulled. There may be 
absolutely no connection. What sticks in my mind to this day was when Dorothy 
Abbenhouse came to the Boston Lodge for a visit and as I sat at the table 
directly across from her she assured me that National would not seize out 
assets. She unfortunately did not keep her word.
The question I ask my readers is how trusting were these early Lodges to sign a 
document that gave National the power to seize their assets should they so 
choose. With Nationals behavior around a number of lodges no intelligent person 
would put themselves, their time and energy, or their Lodge assets in such a 
precarious position.
National has not only immorally Âseized these assets from a number of different 
lodges but they have also simultaneously lost their moral high ground and 
authority which has been important in Âkeeping the society and Lodges together 
as a unified whole.
Blessings and Light
Duane Carpenter

From: John E. Mead <>
Sent: Sun, April 24, 2011 6:21:24 PM
Subject: theos-talk Dugpa, Radha, Money, Orlando. ?? Clarify please!!


>From a post on Theos-talk

The above post contains the initial letter received by Orland from Mo, 
and the following letter that Orlando sent back to Mo. The apparent 
topic of the letter related to complaints that (some) people were not 
allowed to do various spiritual practices at the Orlando Lodge. The 
instances of NON-theosophical behavior are that of denying these 
spiritual practices/techniques to be performed/practiced at the Orlando 

Excerpts follow:

Mo's allegations say:

These incidents taken together, constitute a pattern of behavior
extending over a number of years. Such behavior is inconsistent with the
nature of theosophy and the purpose of the Theosophical Society in

Orlando's Response:

It has long been a Theosophical ethos based upon the teachings of Madame
Blavatsky that we do NOT teach or engage in Spiritualistic practices
such as Mediumship, Astral Projection, Psychic Development, Seances,
Ouija board, Communication with the deceased and other such activities.
There are those who in the past have made strong attempts to include
these things in our agenda.

When we explain that these are NOT congruent with our perspective &
teachings they develop a strong animus against us. So what are we to do?


The actual people alleging this "behavior" are unknown/unnamed. The 
response to close the Orlando Lodge in entirety implies that the entire 
lodge is guilty and convicted as charged. They are doing this without 
visiting the lodge and investigating the two sides of an issue.

The only thing the Orlando Lodge has done is to protect itself from 
external factors that most would say are a form of Dugpa.

Apparently TSA WANTS the Orlando Lodge to allow and perform items 
involving Dugpa (contemporary term is black-magic). huhhh??

If this is NOT true, then members need to know what is actually going 
on. Why is this too much to ask of our elected, and coming up for 
re-election, leaders??

We are told to Vote for them to show respect and support. (The Messenger 
April 2011. Front page). In a prior post, I pointed out that to make 
such a statement is disrespectful of the members. Actually, the case is 
made to: DO NOT NOT VOTE.

Another choice is that the closure of Orlando Lodge, is purely an act to 
remove them because they went against TSA's push to have John Algeo 
elected instead of Radha. Being vocal in the TSA, not following the 
National push to support the "chosen" candidate, is now defiant of some 
TSA form of "Papal Infallibility"? (don't you get a trial to be 

Yet another choice, is that they trumped-up the Orlando Lodge's 
accusation just to seize assets of the lodge.

So, how do we choose to understand this action, to close down the 
Orlando Lodge??

It can only be beneficial to disclose all the facts. By allowing this 
"Vacuum/Cone of Silence Over Olcott" to happen, is a terrible way to 
manage, lead and get respect. I am trying to have respect. They 
generate the problems and ignore any questions for an explanation. Vague 
accusations, "Believe Us, we know what you do not" is very near to 
Despotic rule.



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