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Re: theos-talk Orlando Lodge - Action needed quickly

Apr 24, 2011 09:42 AM
by Augoeides-222

What I wonder about is the statement that the Orlando Lodge was being punished for being a "Whistle blower". What was the issue that made Orlando a "Whistle blower"? Also the idea of autonomous lodges is invalidated by being un-chartered and the property confiscated by a higher level such as Adyar. It seems if they were really autonomous they would have their charter lifted but still remain a autonomous lodge that no longer could claim to be a chartered Theosophy Lodge under the National or International hierarchy but still remain a "lodge " formed by people who created it where it existed and the possessions and property that was created by them would remain in their direct possession harmless from claim or theft by any. If Three independent people living anywhere can form a lodge and create it through their own efforts and financial exertions wholly independent of finances and other helps from any outside why should anyone have a right to steal what they created? Just an American view for two cents lol! 
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>From the early days of TS, it was very clear that lodges and Sections are 
autonomous so long as they do not violate any of the rules of TS. In the 
Mahatma Letters, this issue was discussed by the Founders and specifically 
highlighting the fact that even Founder-President Olcott had no right to 
interfere with the functioning of the lodges. This wise policy was in place 
from day one, because this provided widest discretion to lodges to carry on 
the mission of Theosophy and TS does not become a top-down controlled 
organization with a set of fixed beliefs every lodge should pursue. 

However, to provide due process in case of unwise actions of withdrawing of 
charters to members and lodges, the decisions of Sections can be appealed to 
the International President so that each side can present facts supporting 
their side of the story and help the International President to either 
concur or reject the decision of the Section. 

When a due process is provided for, many times the outcome may not be liked 
by one side or the other. Heads of Sections are used to make decisions 
without being questioned by anyone are in a state of shock when their 
decisions are reversed. This is what has happened in Orlando case. Should we 
not give the International President the right to examine the facts 
presented by both sides and come to an independent decision? From the tone 
and content of the account in the Messenger, the Section does not seem to 
think so. 

If the Section has legitimate grievance that the decision of the 
International President is wrong, the simplest way to demonstrate Sectionâs 
thinking is to make public all the documentation submitted to the 
International President and it can be done quickly and at no cost. They can 
be scanned and made available on Internet. If the Section needs help in 
doing so, volunteers are standing by. 

This step will bolster the trust the members have in the Section leadership. 
At the current time, this should be done due to recent past experience the 
members had during the electioneering to defeat Radha Burnier with the 
unfounded allegation that she is physically and mentally sick, in spite of 
three independent physicians from two continents certifying her fitness. The 
conclusions of physicians have been vindicated by the fact that she has been 
traveling and lecturing in India since the election. Last year, she even 
participated in the Rome World Congress and visited Krotona on the way back 
to India. Added to the above, the ill fated ultra secret attempt to 
disenfranchise all members in the election of the President and the members 
of General Council seize the Presidency and make the President a puppet did 
not add to the credibility of the American Leadership. 

The Orlando ball is clearly in the Sectionâs court. Doing nothing will not 
help either the movement or the American Section. 


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