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Re: theos-talk More Thoughts on Orlando Lodge developments

Apr 23, 2011 07:19 AM
by MKR

David Bruce's statement is interesting. Does he know what is going on?

For many many years, I have never seen any of the officers visiting in my
city - San Antonio, one of the largest in the US.

Do they have any idea of what is going on in major lodges? Why have they not
visited  the lodges? Lack of money?? (The money spent on outside accountants
in addition to the money spent on in-house accountants, will more than pay
for all visits.)

(Orlando was not visited by any elected official to find out its problems
and fix them) Are they just potted plants: yes men and women for the
national leader?



And, to top it off, The front page of The Messenger (April 2011) has a
lead article to be sure to Vote. The reason given is that voting is

"a way of expressing commitment to the Society, as well as
showing respect to those who have volunteered their
time to manage the affairs of the Society over the next
three years."

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