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Some more thoughts on Orlando Lodge

Apr 23, 2011 06:03 AM
by MKR

When one looks at the published activities of the Orlando lodge, they are
like any other lodge anywhere in the world. Dechartering of Orlando lodge by
TSA, and calling it a ârenegadeâ lodge, raises the specter of all active
lodges with assets dechartered and assets seized for unspecified reasons,
possibly not towing the official line of TSA.

The fact that the International President decided to attach the lodge to
Adyar, clearly indicates that the lodge has not violated any of the
international rules. So the question is: what are the violations and what
are the evidence that TSA has?

If TSA leaders are not challenged to go public with their charges and
surrounding evidence and facts, your and my lodge is at risk of arbitrary
dechartering as well as losing all assets and property.

Orlando lodge issue coming up after the electioneering that took place
during the 2008 International Election (Google theos-talk archives for all
details) and the shocking ultra secret ill fated attempt to disenfranchise
all of us and the members of GC seizing control of the appointment of the
President (the proposal was from Wheaton leadership), thus making the
President a puppet, can be justified only by total transparency of all that
was presented to the International President justifying dechartering.

International President has a lot of credibility among world-wide membership
on account of her life long service to TS and it is now the turn of TSA
leaders to convince the membership the ethicality and fairness of their
actions. If quick action is not taken by TSA leaders, a dark cloud will hang
for a long time and it would only hamper the mission of TS and TSA.


PS: This list is the lonely, independent forum where matters like Orlando
lodge issue can be discussed without fear or interference from any
organizational bureaucrat.

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