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More Thoughts on Orlando Lodge developments

Apr 22, 2011 09:33 PM
by MKR

Mo Michel, Eastern Director of TSA, states in the recent issue of the

âA number of petitions to have this decision reversed were submitted to the
International President, to no avail. This decision creates an "island" of a
renegade lodge functioning within our midst, falsely
representing the Society and its principles. The situation is particularly
troubling as it has major implications for all Sections now facing the
possibility of the International President countermanding their disciplinary

The TSA has been advised by counsel, that without a reversal decision by the
international organization, we do not have a viable case for recovery of
assets. Thus, this action by the International President has
damaged the American Section's possibility of recouping legal expenses
already incurred, as well as losing the possibility for the use of lodge
assets for viable Theosophical work in the lodge's area.â

Anyone reading the above comment, would wonder what was going on in the mind
of the writer when he wrote the above.

When the National Section tries to shut down a long time operating Lodge and
take over valuable assets, the Lodge did the right thing in filing an appeal
to the International President and this is what was provided for in the
rules of TS.

If the International President decided to attach the lodge to Adyar, that is
her prerogative under the rules and it does preserve the legitimacy of the
Lodge as a branch of Theosophical Society at Adyar and allows the lodge to
carry on their activities in furtherance of the objectives of TS. Calling it
a renegade is going too far and one does not expect such a comment from a

The Orlando lodge matter puts the ball squarely in the court of TSA. The
credibility of the allegations by TSA is on the line due to lack specific
charges of violations and supporting facts and evidence.

Full transparency is needed and if anyone believes in âTruth will Triumphâ,
then all the cards should be laid on the table and members are intelligent
to come to their own conclusions. Anything else is not going to be trusted
by members who have witnessed past events in 2008 elections and thereafter,
especially the ill fated ultra secret disenfranchisement attempt in the
election of the International President.

The last para complaining about the inability of TSA to recover the legal
expenses, will be laughed at by anyone. Firstly, the leadership at TSA,
instead of personally visiting the lodge and identify the problems and find
a solution and grow the lodge, instead chose to withdraw the charter and
then the litigation was initiated by TSA. The leaders should have known that
TSA would have to eat the legal expenses if they fail in litigation.
Secondly complaining about the assets not being available for theosophical
activities in the area, does not make sense since the lodge is alive and
active in carry on theosophical programs.

Firstly, TSA has a duty to its members to lay all the cards on the table and
secondly the leaders should personally visit the lodge, since the lodge, in
another forum has an open invitation to the leaders to visit.

At a time of shrinking membership, it used to be 8,000 in 1920 and now it is
about 3,500, shutting down a lodge and seizing the assets is not a
constructive way to disseminate theosophy and encourage growth in

Let us keep tuned to see what we hear from TSA next.


There is no religion higher than Truth

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