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Hi to all on Theos-talk

Apr 21, 2011 08:34 PM
by John E. Mead

Hi -
I'm fortunate, and humbled, to be of service to everyone on Theos-talk.
Thank you Ramadass,  for the reminder of how old I am. Theos-l was 
1993....  I thought I was supposed to be 'wiser' by now?? All I got was 
... "Age"?

Actually, Theos-l opened a window for communication when none existed. 
There was an explosion of ideas and feelings about many things. People 
freely confronted everything and anything, and we all had a rather grand 
time discovering that Theosophists often/usually disagree about most 
everything as well as using very non-theosophical mannerisms. Bits and 
Bytes flew, Modems burned-out ....   I gained tremendous insight into 
the arcane and ancient terminology used by Madame Blavatsky. e.g. 

I think it was John(?) who posted today about Mead (G.R.S.) as a 
historical name in Theosophy. I did see in Wiki:

"In March 1909 Mead founded the Quest Society, composed of 150 defectors 
of the Theosophical Society and 100 other new members. Very 
intentionally this new society was planned to be an undogmatic approach 
to the comparative study and investigation of religion, philosophy, and 
science. The Quest Society had lectures at Kensington Town Hall in 
central London but its most focused effort was in its publishing of /The 
Quest: A Quarterly Review/ which ran from 1909-1931 with many contributors"

Only when I saw  the excerpt... "Very intentionally ... planned to be an 
undogmatic ..."  only then did I really wonder if some old theoso-geezer 
came back to haunt me.  There is no known genetic relationship to the 
great G.R.S.Mead to my knowledge.

In any case, MKR and I caught up with each other (again) on theosnet. 
So, here I am.

I am currently living in Southwestern PA. I am doing some adjunct 
teaching and tutoring for our local Community College. This is mostly in 
Physics, Math, Chemistry and about anything else....

So, I look forward to being here.


p.s. Eldon Tucker started this discussion list. I am sure he is still 
out there. Everyone should thank him for his excellent work.
Hi Eldon!!
I'll look you up on Theosnet.....  or somewhere.

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