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TSA Elections

Apr 21, 2011 01:17 PM
by MKR

I just received the ballot for the upcoming TSA elections. Here are the
names in the ballot which is applicable to my region.

Tim Boyd - President
Ed Abdill - VP
Barbara Hebert - Director
Doris Swalec - Director

Of course all of them are uncontested.

What is interesting is that I have never seen any of them in San Antonio,
Texas during the last more than three decades. I do not know who they are
supposed to represent and how? Nor have we heard them on this or other
Internet forums and lists.

Two of them are from the current board and obviously, they were among the
ones who voted to cancel the charter of the 75 year old Orlando lodge and
seize their assets. To this day, members have not been told by the current
administration what were the charges leading to the cancellation of the
charter and one wonders why the silence. The silence is not going to solve
the problem since unanswered questions are not going to go away in this age
of Internet.


PS: While the ballot states that it should reach by 6.00pm on May 10th,
there is no information as to when and where and who will be tallying them
and if the counting is open to membership or is another super secret

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