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Info communication in Adyar TS - Pitiful state

Apr 21, 2011 06:19 AM
by MKR

It is a pity that members of TS Adyar has to learn about their
organizational matters from Internet. The Sections collect membership dues
from their members and the heads of Sections have a duty to keep the members
informed of what is going on. For example, rarely the GC minutes are
distributed to members. One has to access an obscure document to find out
what decisions were considered and what decisions were taken in the annual
meeting of the GC.

In this day and age of Internet, it almost costs nothing to distribute
email. Email allows prompt communication and distribution of information.
Why it is not being done is anybody's guess. Late and stale news is no news.

While the organization is concerned with Ancient Wisdom, it does not mean
all theosophists should use horse or bullock drawn carts for travel. That is
exactly the mind set we see. When did you see any theosophical leader come
up and engage with membership and public on issues of great import to the
masses? Not that we have seen.


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