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Transparency of the Trust handling TSA assets

Apr 19, 2011 08:10 PM
by MKR

Since the start of the now famous 2008 International Elections, we had a lot
of very interesting exchange of messages on this list. One of the themes
that was highlighted was the warning from Master KH to Annie Besant in the
famous 1900 letter - âMisleading secrecy has given the death blow to
numerous organizations.â

One of the great secrets in the American Section are the details of the
setup of the trust which manages the multi-million dollar funds and how the
trustees are appointed/elected and their terms of office.

More than a decade ago, during the administration of the previous president,
when I requested the documents, I  could not get them and the only recourse
then was thru a court and it would be very expensive and only a fat cat can
afford such expense. It was amazing why the then administration wanted to
keep the details secret. Usually there could be some information which may
raise  other questions.

Since that time, the situation has changed. Today, all tax exempt
organizations are required to disclose all organizational information when
anyone in the public requests. This is to provide transparency of operation
of tax exempt organizations.

A month ago, I sent in a request to the Secretary of the Trust for
organizational information and I am yet to receive them even though normally
such requests should be responded to within 30 days.

I am following up on this and let us see what we find out about the setup of
the trust, selection of the trustees, their term of office, etc.

I am very hopeful the request will be responded to since in case of failure
to do so, there are very easy alternate means of making the trust to comply
with the request.

Again, the arm of an organization such as TS should be promptly forthcoming
and responsive to a legitimate request from a long time dues paying member,
and one wonders why there should be any reluctance about complying with a
request. Keep tuned in for further developments.


There is no religion higher than Truth

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