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An interesting website to visit

Apr 18, 2011 06:10 PM

quote from

"....This Spiritual poem was published in ORE 38, 1988 on page 18.

                THE   TRAVELLER

The    Traveller    is    the    mind. . . . . .
The  mind  became   tired  of life,  full  of  doubt
About  the  value  of  these  endless  activities.   Day  in  and
Day  out,  month  after  month  are  not  people
Merely  going  to  their  tombs?
Thus  the  mind  decided  to  travel,  to  find
           Rest  in  the  eternal  Peace .

It  started  from  buddhism,  and  joyfull  passed
The  homes  of  rosicrucianism,  theosophy,  mysticism,
                yogas  and  bhagavad  gita,  paid  a visit
To  various  huts  of  religions  and  cults.  More  than
Six  years  the  Traveller  wandered  but
Tiredness,  disappointments,  and  deceiving  joys  he  met.

He  almost  decided  to  return. . . .
    when  full  of  determination  wiping
    his  eyes  and  lonely  continued  his  weary  steps
            The  gloomy  eyes  caught
            The  wonderful  brilliance  of  the  Gate!   He  found!
            And  happily  entered  the  Gate  of
            The  Real  Home  which  is  nowhere

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