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A Letter from Brazil

Apr 16, 2011 09:57 AM
by jdmsoares

Dear friends,

The current of letters to the president of Adyar Theosophical Society
continues uniting more and more students, asking that justice be done to
one of the original founders of the Theosophical Society, William Judge.

Below you can read one of several letters sent from Brazil.

Best regards, Joaquim


Mrs. Radha Burnier

International President,

The Theosophical Society,
Adyar, Chennai 600 020

Brasília, April 13th, 2011.

Dear Ms. Burnier,

Greetings from Brazil.

The present letter deals with the subject of serendipity or the emerging
of good karma.

Each day is a new day.  Every aspect of life is always new, provided
that we remain free from naïve attachment to past events.

The following paragraphs aim therefore at submitting to you an entirely
new idea: that you might take action to help correct the existing
injustice towards William Q. Judge.

This is only the sixth time in five years that students from various
countries and theosophical associations write to you about the topic. In
historical time, half a decade is but an instant. It might be compared
to the fraction of a second. Yet, even in such a short time a limited
but solid progress was made in the direction of a "pan-theosophical
dialogue", a respectful and frank exchange of views among people
belonging to different theosophical associations, or to none of them, on
issues dealing with the past and future of the movement.

The chain of letters to India has started to become more than a yearly
celebration of William Judge's life and work.

Writing to the president of the Adyar Society is a way to reflect upon
and strengthen the unity of the theosophical movement as a whole.

Just as the politically motivated persecution against Judge in 1894-1895
provoked the first formal split in the theosophical movement, a calm and
philosophical examination of that mistake will provide a key to
understanding the Dynamic Unity of the movement, in the present as in
the future.

Once karma is ready, change can occur in many different forms according
to circumstances. Karmic adjustments cannot be avoided.  If one form of
renewal is blocked, another one emerges. You are an honest person, and
everyone owes you respect. You are also human.  Except for a short
letter to me by the middle of 2004, you have avoided any clear statement
in defense of H. P. Blavatsky, although you know the main founder of the
movement has been subreptitiously and gravely slandered by dr. John
Algeo and the USA-TPH since December 2003.

In 2006 and 2007, you wrote a few kind letters answering with a
"No" to requests from various countries asking you to reopen and
reconsider the so-called "Besant's Case Against Judge".

Perhaps it was not a coincidence that, soon after such an omission in
defending the truth about two of the three founders, you had to face an
electoral coup d'etat organized by your very same vice-president,
Dr. John Algeo of the TPH-USA.

The main tactics of Dr. Algeo's followers, in their failed attempt
to "win" the international election in 2008, was spreading false
statements about your physical health. The method was rather similar to
the one previously used against HPB.

The 2007-2010 crisis should therefore not be seen as an isolated event,
or as something unrelated to the karma of the movement.  It does more
than revealing the level of ethics of some of your colleagues at that

It might be seen as a wake up call to everyone. It could be a sign among
others that the whole movement, not only Adyar, needs an ethical
renewal, and that ethics towards our Founders, including H.P. Blavatsky
and William Judge, is present at the very foundation of the brotherhood
and truthfulness we need in this century;  a century whose number,
H.P.B. warned,  equals three times seven.

It will be no secret to you that the theosophical movement must have an
aura, and that the living center of that aura is made by the skandhas
given to the movement by its main founders.  You and many others among
us all are aware of the fact that the movement has several levels of
action and being. It is indeed septenary. Its lasting and occult
structure was built through the self-sacrifice and efforts of the
Founders, while they were working in close cooperation with Masters of
the Wisdom.  Masters themselves also contributed to the building of such
a Central Aura during the formative years of the movement.

It is possible that no attempt to deny that central magnetic field -
whether "masonic" or "liberal catholic" - will be able
to last for ever.  Every unbiased student can see the nature of the
ritualistic "aura" created by Annie Besant after she decided to
ignore the 1900 Letter from a Master. I refer to the full text of the
1900 letter, addressed to Mrs. Besant, and only published during the
second half of the 1980s.

The ritualistic - if not popish - magnetic field created after 1900 is
but a secondary structure existing around the central aura, and
unfortunately feeding on it. It is therefore a happy circumstance that
it cannot and will not outlive its own cycle.

At the end of probationary periods, the Law of Justice opens room to

The 2007-2010 power crisis is another indication of the closing of a
mayavic cycle; but it is not the first one. It came less than one decade
after the crisis which caused the formal split in the "theosophical

Pseudo-theosophical ritualism was fabricated at the beginning of the
20th century by Mrs. Besant and a false clairvoyant.  Beneath the
surface of appearances often absurd, in layers deeper than the
ill-informed pursuit of personal ambition, there may be a magnetic link
between the center of the aura of the movement and the conscience Duty
of sincere theosophists.

The karma and magnetism of the movement have their own tectonic layers,
and these can rearrange the surface of their crust as cycles of
falsehood end, and cycles of rebirth begin.

You are the seventh president of the Adyar Society, and everyone knows
what H.P.B. wrote about number seven in life and in the theosophical
movement, in two different articles. In theory, it is not impossible for
you to help clear the way back to those long-standing, deeper
foundations of the movement which were abandoned in the 1890s by your
Society during the persecution against William Judge.

Of course, a narrow-minded perspective would say that writing letters to
you on the topic of  Respect for Our Founders is an effort made
"against the Adyar Society".

Such an illusion could only emerge from a blind and bureaucratic feeling
of attachment to corporate organizations.

In fact, the idea of Justice to Judge and the effort around it
constitute a gift to your Society. The action is based upon the fact
that your Society is a living process, apt to respond, sooner or later,
to new realities and cycles. As we all know, Justice may take time, but
it doesn't fail.

Truth can often be seen and transmitted through small events. The humble
chain of letters about Justice to Judge  is a friendly initiative. It is
but putting at your disposal some of the lost elements of information
which are necessary for your Society to reconcile itself with its own
deeper Dharma.  Such a "dharmic" Duty is shared by Adyar with
those sectors of the theosophical movement which already know that
William Judge was one of its main founders, and are aware of the fact
that his books and articles have a unique value for truth-seekers in the
21st century.

It would be an illusion to think or to say that the Adyar Society is

It will be good for the theosophical movement to have a more quickly
awakening Adyar Society. You and every theosophist can take practical
steps in that direction. The movement is but one. It is undivided at the
occult plane, and you can take the initiative to accelerate its
liberation from some of its worst 20th century delusions, thus clearly
opening the door for a much better future.

In any case, you have, and you deserve, the sincere respect and
admiration of all.

Best regards,

Carlos Cardoso Aveline

Brasília, DF,


--- In, "jdmsoares" <jdmsoares@...> wrote:
> Dear friends,
> As more letters are sent to Adyar asking to re-open the "Case
> Against Judge", I want to share with you a new letter from the
> editor of "The Aquarian Theosophist".
> Best regards, Joaquim
> 000000000000000000000000000000
> Mrs Radha Burnier
> International President
> The Theosophical Society
> Adyar, Chennai 600 020
> India
> Monday 11th April 2011
> Dear Mrs Burnier
> A Grassroots Movement for William Q Judge
> As we look around the many parts of the Movement, it seems there are a
> growing
> number of people ? many of them serious students of the philosophy
> ? who see the
> recognition and acceptance of William Judge as one of the keys to the
> future of
> its work.
> You will know of course from other letters in past years that Mme
> Blavatsky
> wrote about Judge as "a part of myself for several aeons" and that he
> represented the link between the eastern teachings and the new nations
> of the
> western world, the bridge or Antahkarana between the Himalayas in the
> East and
> the American West.
> His many writings are of priceless value, in part because many of them
> were
> written during the life of Mme Blavatsky and so were subject to her
> scrutiny and
> comment? as said by many commentators they are all in perfect
> harmony with each
> other.
> She said she trusted him, as she wrote "more perhaps than Col. Olcott
> ? and
> myself."
> This trust is also increasingly being reflected at a grassroots level
> among
> Theosophists all around the world, by students who are finding in
> Judge's works
> great help and benefit in their studies ? perhaps they are the
> who seem to
> have an intuitive recognition of the genuine article.
> Now it is with real pleasure that we report that the TS in the UK has,
> in the
> first of its eight TS Study Papers, that students should read his
> little
> book "The Ocean of Theosophy" as one of the principle texts to be
> up.
> This is a sound choice of our brother students, since it is an
> invaluable key to
> deep study and is one of the keys to making Mme Blavatsky works such
> the
> Secret Doctrine directly accessible.
> In WQJ's "Hidden Hints in the Secret Doctrine" we see another example
> the
> lengths he went to ? and his constant concern to provide clues to
> struggling
> students ? so that the philosophy could be more easily understood
> an ever
> wider readership. This is typical of his concern that as many people
> should
> benefit from its great message.
> So we see growing evidence of the appreciation for his writings; it
> seems to be
> breaking out all around the world: let me show a few examples?
> In India there is a TS Adyar website that shows a most welcome of
> role
> and place in the movement, demonstrating real loyalty to his memory
> true
> identity*.
> In the Summer of 2010 the TS Adyar section in California held a
> on
> WQJ.
> At the start of 2011 the TS Editors of the theosophical website
> published the ten volumes of WQJ's "The Path" from 1886 to 1896 as a
> fully
> searchable electronic text available on-line. This was announced
> in TS
> forums such as and others.
> In February this year there was a new video about Judge posted on
> YouTube?
> ? and this month, in April 2011, WQJ's "Forum" Answers have been
> published in
> Russian in Kiev.
> And there are probably many other activities we don't know of talking
> place
> elsewhere.
> So one purpose of this letter is to help and show you, as one of the
> leaders of
> the TS, to know a bit about the tide of feelings running in the
> on what
> I feel is a most important issue for all of us to address. As such the
> Judge
> Case perhaps requires us all to deeply consider where we stand on it.
> We do feel that during our present century, leading up the next effort
> in 2075,
> the vitality and dynamism of the movement may depend on our coming
> together in
> unity around the three original founders who remained loyal to the
> WQJ was
> one of those.
> Yours sincerely,
> Will Windham
> cc Eric McGough, UK President of the Theosophical Society
> &#8195;
> Some of the writings of William Q Judge
> The Ocean of Theosophy
> Echoes from the Orient
> Epitome of Theosophy
> Bhagavad Gita
> Notes on the Bhagavad Gita (with some chapters by Robert Crosbie)
> Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali
> "Forum" Answers by W.Q.Judge
> The Collected Articles of William Judge (a two volume series of over
> articles)
> "Letters That Have Helped Me"
> Many of the letters he wrote were collated into a two book series,
> together with some of his famous "Occult Tales" are now published in a
> single
> volume titled "Letters That Have Helped Me".
> * Judge wrote a biographical note titled "In a Borrowed Body" in which
> he
> described his mysterious alter ego as a royal Rajah of a small Indian
> kingdom.
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