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My Letter to Adyar

Apr 16, 2011 09:15 AM
by chandrasekaryas

"Mrs. Radha Burnier
International Headquarter
Theosophical Society
Chennai, 600 020

Salvador city, Brazil, April 10, 2011

On this special month of the year, when the birthday of William Quan Judge is celebrated, duty impels us to contemplate his life and his legacy. This legacy is of unquestionable value and the true theosophist will be always thankful to him. However, his life presents two aspects. First, the faithful work Judge developed close to Mrs. Helena Blavatsky and on behalf of the theosophical movement. It deserves our respect and it was recognized by Mrs. Blavatsky, who always regarded him as a close friend. Second, the unfortunate episode called "Judge Case" stays unfinished and controversial.

Evidences lead us to see the need of allowing free access of independent researchers to the historical documents. This access is important to clarify obscure facts and to indicate the truth. And a true theosophist shall never be afraid to search for the truth!

With best regards,

Fernando Gaspar, FTS

Chácara Suerdieck, 468
40283-560 Salvador, Bahia,


Chan is my nickname.

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