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William Judge and Katherine Tingley

Apr 13, 2011 11:22 PM
by Daniel

In both books THE THEOSOPHICAL MOVEMENT published 1925
and THE THEOSOPHICAL MOVEMENT published 1951, the ULT authors
devote many pages about the relationship between Mr. Judge
and Mrs. Tingley.

Unfortunately, many misleading and inaccurate statements are made in these pages and an extremely relevant historical documents are not cited or even mentioned.    

To rectify this problem, we have published a considerable amount
of primary source material on the relationship between
Mr. Judge and Mrs. Tingley on our website.


? William Q. Judge and Katherine A. Tingley:   An Analysis of the Controversy Surrounding W.Q. Judge's Diary Entries about "Promise" and the Dead H.P.B. including Material on the Close Relationship between Mr. Judge and Mrs. Tingley by H.N. Stokes

? Some Testimony Concerning Mr. Judge's Close Relationship with Mrs. Tingley

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