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From London to India

Apr 13, 2011 04:30 PM
by jdmsoares

Dear friends,

As more letters are sent to Adyar asking to re-open the "Case
Against Judge", I want to share with you a new letter from the
editor of "The Aquarian Theosophist".

Best regards, Joaquim

Mrs Radha Burnier
International President
The Theosophical Society
Adyar, Chennai 600 020

Monday 11th April 2011

Dear Mrs Burnier

A Grassroots Movement for William Q Judge

As we look around the many parts of the Movement, it seems there are a
number of people ? many of them serious students of the philosophy
? who see the
recognition and acceptance of William Judge as one of the keys to the
future of
its work.

You will know of course from other letters in past years that Mme
wrote about Judge as "a part of myself for several aeons" and that he
represented the link between the eastern teachings and the new nations
of the
western world, the bridge or Antahkarana between the Himalayas in the
East and
the American West.

His many writings are of priceless value, in part because many of them
written during the life of Mme Blavatsky and so were subject to her
scrutiny and
comment? as said by many commentators they are all in perfect
harmony with each

She said she trusted him, as she wrote "more perhaps than Col. Olcott
? and

This trust is also increasingly being reflected at a grassroots level
Theosophists all around the world, by students who are finding in
Judge's works
great help and benefit in their studies ? perhaps they are the ones
who seem to
have an intuitive recognition of the genuine article.

Now it is with real pleasure that we report that the TS in the UK has,
in the
first of its eight TS Study Papers, that students should read his superb
book "The Ocean of Theosophy" as one of the principle texts to be taken
This is a sound choice of our brother students, since it is an
invaluable key to
deep study and is one of the keys to making Mme Blavatsky works such as
Secret Doctrine directly accessible.

In WQJ's "Hidden Hints in the Secret Doctrine" we see another example of
lengths he went to ? and his constant concern to provide clues to
students ? so that the philosophy could be more easily understood by
an ever
wider readership. This is typical of his concern that as many people
benefit from its great message.

So we see growing evidence of the appreciation for his writings; it
seems to be
breaking out all around the world: let me show a few examples?
In India there is a TS Adyar website that shows a most welcome of WQJ's
and place in the movement, demonstrating real loyalty to his memory and
In the Summer of 2010 the TS Adyar section in California held a seminar
At the start of 2011 the TS Editors of the theosophical website
published the ten volumes of WQJ's "The Path" from 1886 to 1896 as a
searchable electronic text available on-line. This was announced widely
in TS
forums such as and others.
In February this year there was a new video about Judge posted on
? and this month, in April 2011, WQJ's "Forum" Answers have been
published in
Russian in Kiev.

And there are probably many other activities we don't know of talking

So one purpose of this letter is to help and show you, as one of the
leaders of
the TS, to know a bit about the tide of feelings running in the movement
on what
I feel is a most important issue for all of us to address. As such the
Case perhaps requires us all to deeply consider where we stand on it.

We do feel that during our present century, leading up the next effort
in 2075,
the vitality and dynamism of the movement may depend on our coming
together in
unity around the three original founders who remained loyal to the end;
WQJ was
one of those.

Yours sincerely,

Will Windham

cc Eric McGough, UK President of the Theosophical Society

Some of the writings of William Q Judge

The Ocean of Theosophy

Echoes from the Orient

Epitome of Theosophy

Bhagavad Gita

Notes on the Bhagavad Gita (with some chapters by Robert Crosbie)

Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali

"Forum" Answers by W.Q.Judge

The Collected Articles of William Judge (a two volume series of over 200

"Letters That Have Helped Me"
Many of the letters he wrote were collated into a two book series, which
together with some of his famous "Occult Tales" are now published in a
volume titled "Letters That Have Helped Me".

* Judge wrote a biographical note titled "In a Borrowed Body" in which
described his mysterious alter ego as a royal Rajah of a small Indian

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