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Re: theos-talk Some of My Observations on E. Pelletier's THE JUDGE CASE.

Apr 08, 2011 08:32 AM
by M. Sufilight


Now I ask who was Sven Rydon and what influence did he have on the later events between W. Q. Judge and Annie Besant?

W. Q. Judge wrote:
"Sven Rydon back from India.  Called saw me Alec & Page.   Told following facts (a) Was with AB & Chak. in India.  (b)  C has AB completely under his thumb.  (c) In Jany or Feb. when they all consulted at Adyar they asked
Dec. 10  her what she would do and she replied "I must hear from Master" then sent a bulky letter to Chakry to Allahabad.  Took some days for reply & when she got the reply & not before she then said she was ordered to proceed against me.  Several thought Chakry was "the Master" for her.  (d) Asked SV if he thought in other words C had magnetized her & he replied yes it amounted to that.  (e)  She had 20 minutes to spare at Allahabad on going but all that time walked up and down with C who let no one speak to her & said "Mrs. B is tired" though many were there to say good-bye.  (f) She met a big pundit, gave him some talk on vedanta, he contradicted her & she then drew herself up saying "I am here to teach & not to learn.""

M. Sufilight

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  Subject: theos-talk Some of My Observations on E. Pelletier's THE JUDGE CASE.

  On the webpage listed below, I have tried to give some
  of my observations concerning the book titled THE JUDGE

  I have more notes and observations but I need to 
  collate them and will do that as soon as I can.



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