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Judge Case Book by Pelletier

Apr 07, 2011 04:57 AM
by MKR

Pelletier has spent enormous amount of time and resources in researching and
writing the book on The Judge Case. Unfortunately, the book is expensive
costing $95 plus shipping. The pricing makes its circulation very limited
because many theosophists interested in the subject cannot afford to spend
that amount of money to purchase the book.

The availability of the book to as many theosophists as possible would help
the movement to do justice to Judge. Today with Internet and digital medium
it is easy and doable to make the book widely available for free. Once a pdf
file is made, it can be made available on the Internet for free.

In the past messages I have suggested that subscribers here to contact
Pelletier and suggest to him the great benefit from making the book
available as a pdf file on the Internet. I thought we will hear from many of
the subscribers who have posted messages on this list the need to contact
Adyar and encourage opening up their archives.

Yet I have not seen much of feed back supporting my suggestion to make pdf
file available. I hope everyone will see the many benefits of making the pdf
file available.


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