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Solzhenitsyn, On Self-Restraint

Apr 05, 2011 04:16 PM
by jdmsoares

Dear Friends,

Quoting  Elphinstone, H.P. Blavatsky  wrote that "the Cabbala of the
Jews and the Sufiyism of the Mohammedans seem to be  derived from the
same source" (id est, the Upanishads and Eastern philosophy).  [1]

This is something peoples and nations in the Middle East should
understand and finally stop hating each other.

We published in our websites an article by Shimon Perez on Alexander
Solzhenitsyn and the need of self-restraint among nations and
individuals, so that a lasting peace, internal and external, may be

Shimon Perez is the ninth President off Isarel,  and Solzhenitsyn was
the Russian writer who played a leading role in the  end of the
authoritarian regime in his country.  The article narrates a visit Perez
payed to Sollzhenitsyyn and their talk:

Solzhenitsyn, On Self-Restraint

A Jewish Leader Visits the Russian Writer

The direct links are:


Best regards,  Joaquim


[1] See HPB's text "Neo-Buddhism", at "HPB Collected Writings", TPH,
volume XII, p. 347, footnote . Elphinston's name is at the footnote at
p. 346.

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