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Re: theos-talk The Wills of Helena P. Blavatsky

Apr 05, 2011 01:13 PM
by Martin

That maybe so, but the last lines in the called excerpt are:
In  a letter to Olcott in April 1885 she (Blavatsky) paraphrased K.H. as saying 
that  Olcott had managed to save the Society's body but had lost its soul.

So already in 1885, also the year if I remember correctly KH stepped away from 
His creation through meddling with Sinnett, the Theosophical Society had died an 
early death. It was brought back to an elementary life through the scamartist 
Leadbeater and some other veiled humans, to make sure the whole idea of 
Theosophy would be damaged forever...
Yet, nothing lasts forever and in these days of the Internet, we in fact can 
rebuild this Cause together, without the need of dominating personalities, just 
cunning and wise at the same time minds finding ways to re-establish the 
Brotherhood of Humanity, since that was and still is the main object...
We need access to all that was written to be put online for free, so we can put 
our mental bodies to work and discern Truth...
My 2 cnts :-)

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> Let us see if we get any positive response.


Pelletier writes:
"Now, after having met barely two years prior, they forged an alliance that was 
only jeopardized once, shortly after Blavatsky's death. What kind of 
t&#234;te-&#224;-t&#234;te did they have to suddenly come out from Blavatsky's 
bedroom pledging allegiance to each other and to be true to the Cause? Which 
Cause?", etc, etc.

>From the very first chapter it's quite obvious that the book is very prejudiced. 
Probably not less than SPR report about Blavatsky.


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