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Re: theos-talk The Lemuria Myth - Article

Apr 05, 2011 07:37 AM
by Augoeides-222

Thanks, neat article. On Google Earth one can see the actual present day sea floors and and by moving the mouse cursor and at the same time watching the dept indicator change we get a idea of the great depths that predominate today as well as see the floor features as to possible submerged continents. I don't see any myself adjacent to India. However there is "Adams Bridge" mentioned in the Ramayana and Tamil legends that is 18 miles long and barely under water today that was said to have been built by Rama. Also there are Google Community markers about the Causeway and Sri Lanka that say the primal evidence og habitation of Sri Lanka was as far back as 17,500,000 years ago. here are the Google Earth coordinates for Adams Bridge: 

9 07 06.54 N 
79 25 21.04 E 

The 770 Kilometer length mentioned in the article is around 481 miles long. Sri Lanka and the causeway and the shelve add to only at most 291 miles, 120 some miles short of the article length. Even if you paly around with different combination and shelve contours. Also looking at the proposed map in the article it shows the main Lemuria mass as being very distant from India being locate way the other side of the Indonesian island chain and beyond Malaysia and Brunei. 


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An interesting article about the land mass south of India which went under. 
Here is the link. 

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