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Book on Judge Case

Apr 04, 2011 06:51 PM
by MKR

The well documented book on Judge Case by Pelletier (900 pages) is a
voluminous one. One of the best ways to drum up support from theosophists is
to make first hand factual information available so that intelligent
theosophists can read and digest them and get convinced of the issues
involved. The book is too pricey at $95 plus shipping and I do not know how
many will be motivated to spend that kind of money and how many can afford
to spend that kind of money. The only way to ensure a wide distribution of
the book is to make a pdf file available on the Internet. I have posted a
message encouraging everyone interested in Judge case to contact Pelltier to
release the book as a pdf file. I even offered to scan it if a free
complimentary copy is provided to me.

I hope some of the readers here will be coming forward to contact Pelletier
as it would do a lot of good.


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