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Looking for Einstein's copy of SD

Apr 04, 2011 03:31 PM
by MKR

As many may already be aware, there are certain indications that Albert
Einstein had a copy of HPB"s SD and also that it was donated to Adyar
Libary. However, there is the possibility that the donation was indeed made
to ULT, Bombay. Following is a msg that Joe Fulton had posted on ning site.

Since many do not look up the ning site, it is posted here with a request to
the readers to contact ULT and help track down the book.



Greetings Ramapraksh,

The discussion about Einsteinâs alleged copy of the Secret Doctrine
continues.  We need to ask some questions as the discussion has arisen again
and some points need to be cleared up which did not arise in the original

Is the ULT library in possession of the copy of the Secret Doctrine which
was owned by Albert Einstein?

We have it on the authority of the late Dallas Tenbroeck, who maintained
that he had seen and handled this book that it exists at the ULT Library.

Thanks much for your assistance in clearing up this matter.

Joe Fulton


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