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Letter to India

Apr 03, 2011 04:47 PM
by jdmsoares

  Dear Friends,

Please see below a brilliant letter to Ms. Radha Burnier on  the topic
Justice to Justice.

It was sent yesterday from Berlin.  Ms. Sieglinde Plocki, the friend who
wrote the letter, belongs to the Point Loma Theosophical Society in
Germany.   Sieglinde has been active for various years in the chain of

Best regards,  Joaquim


Mrs. Radha Burnier


International Headquarter

Theosophical Society

Chennai, 600 020


Berlin, April 2, 2011

Dear Mrs. Burnier, dear Leaders of Adyar Society,

William Quan Judge's Birthday is approaching,  so let me again refer to
your letter of 2007 quoting: "I do not believe that Justice can be
established by writing letters."

May I just kindly remind you that our societies, like each one of us,
have karmic duties and to clarify the Judge case, is one of them. If
writing letters reminds us of this duty, it helps a lot, provided, of
course, that action follows.

Let us recall again and let me repeat ? which I will do as long as
necessary: Many times during the history have Adyar officials been asked
to clear the "Judge Case" openly and to restore William Quan Judge's
reputation. May I again just remind you and the officials of Adyar
Society, that you, Mrs. Burnier, are holding the key role in this case.
It is in your hands now to make amends for previous mischief. This is
highly significant in terms of Karma and would definitely lead to a
strengthening of association and better cooperation of all Theosophical
Societies, as it would strengthen the common basis of our work. I
respectfully and kindly ask you to bring to your mind the importance of
your responsibility, as well as the great prospects for the future which
are in your hands now.

Theosophical Societies, theosophical teachings, are still under attack
from various enemies of the eternal wisdom, from ignorants of all
colours and creeds and especially political opinions. We therefore must
stand in the world as one voice, one stronghold,  one shelter for the
seeking. Let us unite in closer cooperation on the basis of mutual
understanding. It is possible! One important step in this direction is
giving justice for William Quan Judge, whom we are deeply indebted with

With best regards and full of hope,

Ms. Sieglinde Plocki

10585 Berlin

Schustehrusstr. 25

Deutschland, Germany


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