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Re: theos-talk Re: Justice to Judge in 2011

Apr 02, 2011 09:25 PM
by MKR

Let me jump in here. I have posted a msg that getting a pdf file published
will help those interested in Judge Case get more facts. I hope many of
those who strongly feel about Judge issue will contact Pelletier and
convince him to release his book as a pdf file for free download. The book
is too pricey for most theosophists to buy it. And those who want a hard
copy will buy it any way. Personally I would like to read the pdf copy get a
first hand idea of the details that Pelletier has presented in it.


On Sat, Apr 2, 2011 at 4:19 PM, Erica L. Georgiades <>wrote:

> Kons,
> Regarding democracy you are right. About questioning the motives of the
> group or
> that there might be something else behind their intentions, I can't agree
> with
> that. It is clear the group who request the revision considers there was a
> misjudgment of the case. This is only natural because there is a lot of
> unpublished material about it. As long the material related to the case is
> not
> published, the question mark will remain open: was a correct judgment or
> not?
> I am not so sure about Olcott's judgement. Do you think he did right to
> request
> HPB to leave India? Cetainly many Theosophists will tell you he could have
> managed the situation in a different way. Also that he should have
> supported
> H.P.B., despite all controversies at the time. Olcott also request
> Leadbeater
> to leave the Theosophical Society. Something Besant changed when invited
> him
> back. So it seems that Besant did not consider Olcott's judgement correct
> on
> that matter. I am sure those who praise CWL disagree with Olcott till
> today.
> And if Besant had not called him back, perhaps they would be right now
> sending
> letters to Adyar requesting a revision of CWL's case... who knows.... And
> if
> this would be the case, do not listen to them would be also unfair.
> Humans are far from being perfect and that do not exclude the founders and
> leaders of the Theosophical Society. There has been people judged by
> competent
> tribunals and condemned to death penalty, whose innocence were proved
> decades
> after their execution. Judge has a special place in the history and
> foundation
> of the T.S and the facts regarding his case should be made public. To close
> here, I think that Govert presents very reasonable suggestions that should
> be
> considered by all interested.
> Erica
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> From: Konstantin Zaitzev <>
> To:
> Sent: Sat, April 2, 2011 9:37:52 PM
> Subject: theos-talk Re: Justice to Judge in 2011
> --- In, "Erica L. Georgiades" wrote:
> > At the moment that there is a group of persons, from all over the
> > world, who consider important a review of Judge's case, to ignore
> > them or even to suggest (as u do now) that their request is not
> > relevant, is simply not democratic or right.
> If those people are then to ignore their request is not democratic. But if
> they
> are not members, it has no any relation to democracy. And their motives
> should
> be investigated.
> Personally I think that the President-founder was the more just and
> competent
> person to decide who was right, Besant or Judge, than any comission which
> is
> possible to create today.
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