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Re: theos-talk Re: Justice to Judge in 2011

Apr 02, 2011 02:19 PM
by Erica L. Georgiades


Regarding democracy you are right. About questioning the motives of the group or 
that there might be something else behind their intentions, I can't agree with 
that.  It is clear the group who request the revision considers there was a 
misjudgment of the case. This is only natural because there is a lot of 
unpublished material about it. As long the material related to the case is not 
published, the question mark will remain open: was a correct judgment or not? 

I am not so sure about Olcott's judgement. Do you think he did right to request 
HPB to leave India? Cetainly many Theosophists will tell you he could have 
managed the situation in a different way. Also that he should have supported 
H.P.B., despite all controversies at the time.  Olcott also request Leadbeater 
to leave the Theosophical Society. Something  Besant changed when invited him 
back. So it seems that Besant did not consider Olcott's judgement correct on 
that matter.  I am sure those who praise CWL disagree with Olcott till today. 
And if Besant had not called him back, perhaps they would be right now sending 
letters to Adyar requesting  a revision of CWL's case... who knows.... And if 
this would be the case, do not listen to them would be also unfair. 

Humans are far from being perfect and that do not exclude the founders and 
leaders of the Theosophical Society. There has been people judged by competent 
tribunals and condemned to death penalty, whose innocence were proved decades 
after their execution. Judge has a special place in the history and foundation 
of the T.S and the facts regarding his case should be made public.  To close 
here, I think that Govert presents  very reasonable suggestions that should be 
considered by all interested. 


From: Konstantin Zaitzev <>
Sent: Sat, April 2, 2011 9:37:52 PM
Subject: theos-talk Re: Justice to Judge in 2011

--- In, "Erica L. Georgiades" wrote:

> At the moment that there is a group of persons, from all over the 
> world, who consider important a review of Judge's case, to ignore
> them or even to suggest (as u do now) that their request is not
> relevant, is simply not democratic or right.

If those people are then to ignore their request is not democratic. But if they 
are not members, it has no any relation to democracy. And their motives should 
be investigated.
Personally I think that the President-founder was the more just and competent 
person to decide who was right, Besant or Judge, than any comission which is 
possible to create today.


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