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Apr 01, 2011 08:45 PM
by t_s_theosophist


On page 75 of the Spring 2011 issue of The Quest Magazine Betty Bland states: 

" While at Adyar , I discussed the Orlando Lodge with Radha. At the unanimous recommendation of the Florida Federation Board, the national TSA Board determined 
to close Orlando Lodge last year and began the proceedings to do so because of the many complaints about their operations. The national board had already sent the packet of documentation concerning the issue To Radha on three different occasions, to no avail. Because of the critical nature of the issue, our national board has twice unanimously petitioned Radha to allow the closure of the Orlando Lodge rather than engaging in the detrimental action of affiliating Orlando directly with Adyar. As this issue has touched so many of our members, e are still hopeful of a positive outcome." 


It is unfortunate and reprehensible  that Mrs. Bland continues to spread rancor and ill will regarding Orlando Lodge. Such efforts can hardly be construed as attempts at reconciliation and amity. 

Facts are that she and her political allies attempted to subvert an important legal principal know as DUE PROCESS. Due Process guarantees that an accused party has a right to confront his accusers, has a right to know all of the details of the charges, and a right to rebut or defend himself from said accusations. 

During the course of their claimed "investigation" of our Lodge, neither Mrs. Bland nor ANY National Director or their agent ever contacted ANY member of Orlando Lodge. There were never any personal interviews conducted, nor personal visits to Orlando Lodge. It was an investigation conducted "in absentia" and by unknown parties. 

We have on several occasions requested from the National Board specific details of their allegations and the opportunity for personal interviews but our requests have been ignored by them each time. Such covert and secretive tactics can hardly be given credibility. 

Mrs. Bland's attempt to enlist the cooperation of the Florida Federation in her vendetta against us is also highly suspect. She states that the Florida Federation "unanimously requested Orlando Lodge be closed." However we have credible information that many members of the Florida Federation had NO prior knowledge whatever of this action, and were surprised to hear of it. 

And by the way, Federations never involve themselves in affairs of Lodges, it has not been nor is it now "common practice." Also, it is prohibited by Bylaw 9, Section 12, which expressly prohibits them from infringing upon the autonomy of Lodges. 

If we are forced to go back to court on this issue, we intend to subpoena the members and officers of the Florida Federation to testify under oath and penalty of perjury about their alleged involvement in this issue. 

It is obvious that Mrs. Bland and her political allies have no intention at reconciliation or goodwill. 

We at Orlando Lodge put our faith and trust in the basic goodness and sense of justice and fair play of most of our Fellow Theosophists, as we move on past this unfortunate time in our history to better and brighter horizons 

Our only response to Mrs. Bland's slander is COME VISIT US, SEE FOR YOURSELF, We have nothing to hide or be ashamed of. 

For over 75 years our Lodge has welcomed members and visitors, including three Federation Board members, and all will admit that the untruthful and unfounded allegations leveled against us in no way describes the Orlando Lodge or any of our members. Come visit us! 

Cordially and fraternally, 
For the Officers & Members of Orlando Lodge; 

Carl Metzger, President 
Victor Brown, Vice-President 

The Theosophical Society In Orlando
1606 New York Ave.
Orlando, Florida, 32803 


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