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Re: theos-talk Justice to Judge in 2011

Apr 01, 2011 08:15 AM
by Erica L. Georgiades


Certainly there are many ongoing problems. But I am not sure how you can say 
membership in India can be used as an example. The population of India is 1.21 
billion as per census of 2011. Lets see numbers: 13.000 members -for a country 
with 1.21 billion people- is a very low membership.  So I am not sure on what 
basis you present your argument, to claim such a success in terms of membership 
in India. In terms of percentage -per population- New Zealand Section was -and 
perhaps still is- the largest section. It is obvious the T.S. is not managing 
today to attract many new members. The causes for such a problem are many. 

That does not mean that other problems and aspects should not be considered. 
There are persons interested in a revision of  Judge's case. They are 6 years 
now requesting such a revision. You want just to ignore them? To say their 
request is not important? To say this is a not an important matter? Might not be 
important or relevant for you. For them though it is something important and 

One of the reason that so many people left the T.S. and are not willing to 
return is exactly this kind of attitude: ignoring policy. This is  has driven 
-and keep driven- away many people. So yes, for me their request is relevant and 
should be considered. A revision of Judge's case is necessary because there are 
people requesting it YEARS NOW. And not only, It is necessary also  because it 
will be a very relevant contribution for the History of the Theosophical 



From: MKR <>
Sent: Fri, April 1, 2011 4:46:58 PM
Subject: Re: theos-talk Justice to Judge in 2011

While no one can judge what is important or not, in my humble opinion,
Theosophical movement faces more critical current issues for going forward
and in that declining membership outside India is a fact and I feel it
should be addressed by all, whether one belongs to one group or another or
none. Very little has been discussed in any forum, formal or informal and
come up with ideas to be tried. Most simple seems to be to visit India and
see what they are doing right which is yielding results year after year. It
is possible that some may be envious of the growth of theosophical
membership in India and that does not solve the declining membership issue.
In the largest section next to India, which is USA, we had 8,000 members in
1920 with no money, no property and today we have about 3,500 with millions
of dollars in the bank and very valuable property in Wheaton and in many
other cities. I think this is a very serious issue for the movement going
forward and we all should put our energies to address this.

On Fri, Apr 1, 2011 at 1:14 AM, Erica L. Georgiades <>wrote:

> One has no right to judge what is important for others or not. Learning
> from the
> past one may avoid future mistakes. Historical material cannot be kept
> unavailable for publication. History must be told and narrated on neutral
> grounds. At the moment that there is a group of persons, from all over the
> world, who consider important a review of Judge's case, to ignore them or
> even
> to suggest (as u do now) that their request is not relevant, is simply not
> democratic or right.
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> From: MKR <>
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> Sent: Fri, April 1, 2011 3:37:04 AM
> Subject: Re: theos-talk Justice to Judge in 2011
> In my humble opinion, the problems facing TS today is far more critical
> than
> what went on years ago. I think it is time to move on with problems at
> hand.
> On Thu, Mar 31, 2011 at 6:17 PM, jdmsoares <> wrote:
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> > Dear friends,
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> > In the next days open letters will be send to Adyar, asking for the
> > re-examination of the accusation against William Judge, we have
> > published at our websites the text:
> >
> > Justice to Judge in 2011
> >
> > The Sixth Year of Open Letters to India
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