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Justice to Judge in 2011

Mar 31, 2011 05:34 PM
by jdmsoares

Dear friends,

In the next days open letters will be send to Adyar, asking for the
re-examination of the accusation against William Judge, we have
published at our websites the text:

Justice to Judge in 2011

The Sixth Year of Open Letters to India

The direct links are:
<>  and

One can read in the first paragraphs:

"For the sixth time since April 2006,  independent students from
various countries will be sending on 13 April 2011 a number of open
letters to the President of the Adyar Theosophical Society, Ms. Radha
Burnier. The headquarters of the Society is in Chennai,  India.

The students will be asking her to help stop a century old injustice by
re-examining  the Adyar ´Case` against Mr. William Q. Judge. Those
who have an interest in the future of the theosophical movement are
invited to join the initiative, which is a celebration of its dynamic

Best regards, Joaquim

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