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Presence at TS Centenary Celebrations

Mar 31, 2011 11:51 AM
by MKR

Presence at Centenary Celebrations

One tit bit that came out of the last video tape was about the Centenary
Congress held in NY City. At the time John Coats was the president and he
wanted an empty chair be put behind the Presidentâs chair on the dais to
signify the presence of the Inner Founders of TS.

During the congress, many felt a Presence and most likely it was the Inner
Founders being present for the function. This brings into focus the TS as an
institution. The Inner Founders were responsible for the launching of the TS
even though the outer work was done by their representatives HSO & HPB and
TS continues to be their tool or agency for the welfare and well being of
the Humanity.

>From time to time, ordinary members get the impression that some elected
leaders seem to forget the simple fact that TS does not belong them and do
what they want to according to their whims, but they are temporary
custodians of the work TS was supposed to do and TS is still the institution
of the Inner Founders. Such a simple understanding will make everyone humble
and realistic about our roles relative to the TS and its mission. Such an
understanding also will avoid any thought about conflict, whether deliberate
or accidental or unintended. When one looks at what went on during 2008
onwards at the highest level, one wonders if some sort of maya blinded the
simple reasoning even an illiterate person can easily understand.

While we have seen some possible indication of reconciliation and
cooperation among/from the leaders from the West, we should be seeing a more
vigorous and active attempts to cooperate with everyone with the intention
of making Theosophy a living force in the day to day lives of many

Let us hope and pray that wisdom makes theosophists


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