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Digitization offer

Mar 28, 2011 09:20 PM
by MKR

It has come to my attention that some time back, in India, there was an
offer from a theosophist in India to provide state of art scanning equipment
as well as a diesel generator (in many parts of India continuity of power is
not guaranteed) to enable scanning of important material which are in
custody of the Indian Section as well as Adyar.

For whatever reason, there has been no response even though months have
elapsed. This shocked me.

At a time when digitization is the state of art in preserving very valuable
material as well as providing easy access to anyone in the world, such
unresponsiveness is unexplainable. All non profit entities find it hard to
find donors of money and equipment and in such a situation, an offer like
the above is something that one should jump at. One wonders if similar
things are happening in other sections in the world.

TS world-wide is behind the curve in the use of Internet and associated
digital technology. TS may have been chartered to present Ancient Wisdom and
it does not mean we need to stick to ancient technology. We use telephones,
autos, computers, laser printers, and airplanes. Why not use Internet and
current digital technology to help preserve and disseminate valuable
material to the world.

Digitization of valuable material is the most cost effective and efficient
way to preserve as well as disseminate information world-wide. Let us hope
and pray TS gets on in a hurry, before it is too late.


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