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Digitization of publications

Mar 27, 2011 08:53 PM
by MKR

Here is an interesting comment on

Comment by Capt. Anand
Kumar<>58 minutes ago

HPB's efforts to bring the secret knowledge out into open, no doubt inspired
many and resulted in surfacing of Pranava Vada and the esoteric version of
Bhagvad Gita by Sudh Dharma Mandala, as we have learnt in the Stanzas of
Dzyan search. So, this effort is totally in line with the objects of the TS
and should be pursued with vigour.

The TS libraries at Adyar and Varanasi contain many valuable treasures but
our offer to digitize them has not made much headway. How can one approach
the highest authority for this purpose? Particularly since many valuable
works are in urgent need of preservation.

For the seekers, and The Digital Library of India at are truly valuable resources containing many difficult to
find but alreday digitized works. It is quite difficult to download books
from the Digital Library of India. It will take some knowledgeable
enthusiast to go through the entire catalogue and identify the works to be
downloaded. I will be happy to assist anyone to download from DLI.

As our own collection grows, we will need to catalogue, index and tag them.
The search software at both the above sites are not really up to the mark.
For example, if one types "Abhinav" it should return all the results
containing these characters, but it does not. Whereas, if one typed
"Abhinava", then the works of Abhinava Gupta will be returned.

And, for the Creative Commons License, should we consider either adding a
page at the beginning of the books or displaying the license before download
with the "I Accept" button?

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