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Religion may become extinct in nine nations

Mar 25, 2011 10:44 AM
by MKR

Recent article titled - Religion may become extinct in nine nations, study
says - is interesting. In the past many religions have died and it should
come as no surprise that more religions are going to die in the future.

It is a nice opportunity for presenting theosophical doctrines as guides for
the lives of free thinking people, especially the younger ones. I hope
theosophists pick up the opportunity and disseminate theosophy as quickly as
possible. Internet has provided a very inexpensive tool to do it. One
problem that many theosophists see is that the leadership which is mostly
quite aged are not keeping up with the trends in the world and also what
role technology plays in the lives of many middle class people and possibly
in the mis-perception that Ancient Wisdom can/should be disseminated only
using outdated ancient tools.

Leadership world-wide is mostly absent from cyberspace (this has been going
on for years; all one needs is to see many messages on theos-talk over the
last decade and more) and organizations with lots of money in the bank are
not using it to disseminate theosophy using modern tools; this is like
shooting in the foot. (Did I need to remind the pricey theosophical books
recently published?)

Hope they all wake up and just see what is going on in the world and jump at
the opportunities that are available today to reach the target audience.

Here is the link to the article:



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