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Re: theos-talk Orlando Theosophical Lodge Saga

Mar 21, 2011 05:58 PM
by Cass Silva

Has Orlando had support from Adyar during these 76 years? If not, what gives them the veto to sell off the farm?

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Orlando Lodge Update

In the Spring 2011 Quest Journal of Theosophical Society in America, the
President of TSA writes:

While at Adyar, I discussed the Orlando Lodge with Radha. At the unanimous
recommendation of the Florida Federation Board, the national TSA Board
determined to close the Orlando Lodge last year and began the proceedings to
do so because of the many documented complaints about their operations. The
national board had already sent the packet of documentation concerning the
issue to Radha on three different occasions, to no avail. Because of the
critical nature of the issue, our national Board has twice unanimously
petitioned Radha to allow closure of the Orlando Lodge rather than engaging
in the detrimental action of affiliating Orlando directly with Adyar. As
this difficulty has touched so many of our members, we are still hopeful of
a positive outcome.

There are several issues surround the above.

1. Orlando Lodge is 76 years old and at a time of continued dwindling
membership and down sizing of lodges in big cities like Atlanta (whose
metropolitan population is 6 million) down sizing to Study Center (Lodge
requires 7 members and Study Center only 3 members), shutting down a lodge
is a very serious issue that should be clearly explained to TSA members
citing clear cut violations of the rules of TS and/or TSA.

2. The lodge is now directly attached to Adyar. No one is questioning the
authority of the International President in the decision to attach the lodge
to Adyar.

3. The great take over interest the Board has taken seems to be mainly due
to valuable real estate and other assets of the lodge.

4. To date, neither the National President nor any of the Board Members have
personally visited the lodge and did a first hand inquiry of the facts and
attempt to try to solve any problems and keep the lodge operating. On
serious matters, such as this, facts have to be determined first hand then
only one gets a true and complete picture of the situation which can lead to
a solution to any problems that may exist. This brings to my mind, the
constant world-wide travels of Olcott to settle problems relating to TS. One
has to just read his Old Diary Leaves.

5. When the Board took a decision to close the lodge, the matter ended up in
the Florida Courts. There is no mention of this in the statement in Quest.
Litigation is not cheap and no one knows how much theosophical money has
already been wasted by both sides.

6. One wonders where does the Federation comes into the picture about
closing of any lodge. Usually, the Federation meets once a year and all the
day to day activities are carried on by the lodges. It is significant that
Florida Foundation seems to be the main party behind the attempt to shut
down the lodge. Are there any other unspoken reasons behind the episode?

7. It is claimed that the complaints have been documented. If so, why not
the Board disclose them to TSA membership.

If there is a strong case, such transparency will help the credibility of
the Board. This is needed because lack of transparency in the past,
especially the super secret ill fated attempt to disenfranchise all members
in the election of International President three years ago which emanated
from Wheaton.

Let us keep tuned for any further developments in the Orlando Saga.


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