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Innovative Program in India to make books available at low cost

Mar 19, 2011 08:03 PM
by MKR

The need to make theosophical literature available to more people in the
world has been discussed before. Electronic files in pdf format is one of
the easiest and practical solution. While we may be interested in
propagating theosophy, once something is published for sale, the question of
money enters into the picture and it distracts the motivation why TS was
established and why theosophy should be made available to everyone who is

I just ran into an innovative program that Krishnamurti Foundation in India
has launched. Most people in India lack access to Internet. Hence print
media is critical. In order to reach out to more people, KFI has initiated a
scheme by which it subsidizes heavily certain basic books for the Indian
market, even while maintaining quality. Here is the link for full
information on the books available and the cost.


TS, membership in India has shown a consistent growth while outside India
there is a consistent decline. Do not expect any elected leader outside
India ever to discuss this hot potato. Is it any wonder that some of the
programs that India may be behind the success? Instead of dismissing that
conditions in India are different from other countries, let us remember that
human nature everywhere is the same. May be it is time that the TS leaders
in the West visit India and see first hand the programs implemented by the
Indian Section which has shown such a success even without a big budget.


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