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Update on GC Meeting Minutes - Handling of Finances in the International Fund in the USA

Mar 15, 2011 06:34 PM
by MKR

In the version of the GC December 2010 meeting minutes I saw in cyberspace,
there was one item that caught my eye. It is the statement:

âThe Secretary presented the report and stated that no details of the
International Fund held in USA were received despite reminders.â

This would raise a serious red flag to anyone who has a business and
accounting background. Not only obviously no information seems to be
forthcoming - mind you the money does not belong to the American Section, it
belongs to the TS, Adyar that the issue was serious enough to be put into
the minutes. Any reading of the minutes would tell you that minutes was not
meant to give much detailed transparent information to keep the members
fully informed,

This should cause serious concern about the account and transactions
therein, because the highest paid employee at Wheaton is the man keeping the
books. (Thanks to IRS requirement to disclose compensation info) In
addition, the account books are audited every year (even though after the
Enron debacle, no one has confidence in any audited financial information)
and hence the details should be readily available and in this day and age of
computers and Internet.  Information can be sent instantaneously to anywhere
in the world.

Troubles in many organizations originate in the handling of money and recent
history of the debacles that the country has faced should convince anyone
that some thing may be amiss when financial details are not forthcoming when
requested by parties who have a legitimate right to the information.

Any student of the Mahatma Letters has a sense of very strict rules that are
imposed on Chelas in matters of money. I am sure this was due to many
experiences the Mahatmas may have seen on the kind of troubles money can

I think the elected leaders may want to quickly disclose all the financial
details and clear up any cloud that would hang if they choose to adopt
silence as the answer.


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